Sunday, January 11, 2009

Best Friends

Does your dog have a best friend? I always wondered if a dog is happiest with other dogs. We used to have two dogs; our Yellow Lab, Hudson, and Kelly. They didn't really play together much, but Kelly did love to lick his ears and his eyes. (yuck!). Sometimes I worry about having an "only dog." But Kelly doesn't really play well with others. Since I am home all day, I guess I am her best friend. I've heard of dogs who are best friends with cats, rabbits, even deer. I just had to share with you this report from CBS Assignment America about an unlikely friendship.

Paws for Reflection: Have you hugged your best friend today?

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  1. Peggy, Pat, again from Mt. Jewett, Pa. I loved the video with the elephant! Wow!! That is as touching as the Lamb and the lion!
    You mentioned your dog licking the eyes of another dog, tho it seem yucky, it is healing! We had a huskey with an infected eye, and my bassadore, Tucker would lick his eye, until it finally healed! Another huskey had a skin infection, and Tuck was frequently licking him! We call him Dr. Tuck, during these times! Pat


Kelly and Ike say thank you for your comments!