Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Canine Supermodel

Today I needed to get some photographs of Kelly to accompany a story I'm writing on traveling with your pet. The photo was to include myself and the dog, which is always double trouble--how to get two favorable expressions at the same time. I don't consider myself the most naturally photographic person in the world. I"m always unhappy with an out of place wisp of hair, or the way my shirt poufs, or a dorky expression.

Kelly generally enjoys being a doggy model, but gets so hot and excited that she's panting heavily and her tongue hangs out in every picture.

Here was another problem. When I clipped on Kelly's leash, she figured we were going for a walk. I appeased her with a short spin around the block, but she wanted her customary 2-mile jaunt. Then, when we hopped in the car, she figured she was going for a ride. I didn't deceive her by turning the wheel and making engine noises. Brilliantly, she knew we were still parked in the driveway. Kelly became so excited at the prospect of either taking a walk or taking a ride, that she was far from cooperative for the photograph.

But in the end, we got the picture done, a few decent options. (Look for them on the Guideposts website, 5 Things About Pets!)

What I Learned From My Dog: Things aren't always what they seem. If we get put on a leash, and walk to the car, we're not necessarily going to get a ride. In life, we'd better be adaptable.

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