Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday's Pet Roundup

Welcome to Monday's Pet Roundup! (Formerly Monday's Rufferences and Mews.) Stop by every Monday for the week's latest pet news and tips. As always, I welcome your comments.

It's the holiday time, and I know you want to include your pet in the fun. Do you buy your pet a present? Make him a stocking? We'd love for you to share your holiday pet stories. Here's one of my stories, about missing my yellow lab, Hudson, at holiday time, and the special ornament that helped.

This week I read two great wrap ups on blogs. Petfinder's 2009 Top Nine list for Pet Lovers
shares gift ideas and ways to incorporate your pet into the holidays. And, People Magazine's People Pets Top 10 Unforgettable Pet Moments of 2009 lists top Celeb pets, pets in the White House, pets on You Tube, and more!

Pets as gifts? Will My Dog Hate Me shares one point of view on So Your Kid Wants a Dog.

And finally, a tip to my faithful readers: On the next blog, I'm running a contest for a free new Pet Organizer portfolio. So don't forget to check back Wednesday for your chance to win!

How do you incorporate your pets in holiday celebrations and fun? I'm looking forward to reading your comments. And join me again next Monday for more Pet Roundup!


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  2. Yes, the kitty's each have their own stocking and a gift from santa in it -

    We still put out the stockings from the kitty's no longer with us - that is pretty sad, except we really remember the christmas that the kitten was my oldest's present - couldn't have been happier -

  3. I'm so happy that the stockings bring back happy memories for you. I hope your kitties get plenty of catnip and jingly bell balls this year!


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