Friday, December 4, 2009

Your Dog's a Star with Draw the Dog- Part 2

Last post, we met Bruce Kasanoff and Jim George, the creative team behind the popular site, DrawtheDog. Today, they share more about what makes them tick and their site click with readers.

First, many of you have read about my dog Kelly on this site. Well, check out this wonderful drawing of her that Jim created, based on my story about Kelly keeping me warm--inside and out. This drawing appeared on DrawtheDog November 18, 2009. And your dog could be featured too. Read on!

More from Jim George and Bruce Kasanoff--
Q: How long does it take you to complete each drawing? Do you look at real dog models or photographs for inspiration?
JG: Each drawing takes a total of about four hours. I look at any photographs that our audience sends me. I make use of any and all inspirational material I can before beginning a cartoon but the looming deadline of a daily panel limits the amount of research I can actually do.

Q: Bruce, I know you have been obsessed with dogs since you were seven or eight. Tell us something about your own dogs.
BK: I own two rescue dogs... Dex, who we guess has German Shepherd and Pit Bull in him, and Dakota, who is a Boxer/Hound. Dex sounds and looks tough, but in reality he is the friendliest, most affectionate dog you are likely to meet. He’s also quite smart, and understands English. Dakota is very cute – people instantly love her – and very easygoing. She comes from down South. Her picture is in the right hand column of our website, encouraging people to spread the word about DrawtheDog.

Q: Jim, what is your favorite Draw the Dog illustration you've done so far?
JG: That's a tough one. There are many criteria for a "good" cartoon. From a purely esthetic standpoint, I like the "Halloween" and the "First Dog" panels. For pure silliness, I like "Not the First Time" and for the essential "Haiku" effect, I like "Hurricane."

Q: How can readers get involved in DrawtheDog?
BK: Come to the site, stop by our Make Your Dog Famous page, and submit one or more amusing stories about your dogs! Jim and I read every story, and your stories are the site’s secret ingredient.


  1. I LOVE Peggy thanks for sharing the interview.

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