Wednesday, January 13, 2010

5 Reasons to Love a Cat

This blog is heavily dog-centered, but I've met many wonderful cat people here too. Although I don't have a cat now, I've shared my home with cats in the past; my family's first cat, Maria, and an especially tolerant calico, Henrietta. I loved her because she played with me and my brothers; she enjoyed taking a ride in our spinning recliner chair, and we happily obliged. I don’t think my dog Kelly would tolerate that!

Last year I asked friends and family why they love their cat. This column initially ran on in June, 2009.

Here are five people sharing reasons why they love their cats:

1. Kate of Virginia, owner of Cinnamon (red Tortie/Tabby, left) always thought she was a dog person, but thinks her kitten Cini-Mini is purr-fect at keeping her company. “When I’m sitting on the sofa reading, she’ll jump up on my lap and cuddle,” says Kate. Cinnamon is also entertaining because she loves to play. She flips over a fluffy white feather on a stick.

2. Dennis of Idaho, owner of Susie (cream and gray Domestic Shorthair) and Duke (apricot Tabby) says one reason he loves cats is because they consider themselves equal to people. He finds one of their charms is how "bossy" they can be towards people. “Even if you are still sleeping, a cat desiring breakfast is not to be denied.” Dennis’ cats will get up on the bed and put their paws on his cheek or his nose until he gets the message.

3. Judy of Vermont, owner of Pipsqueak (striped Tabby) loves cats because they love you back unconditionally and are good conversationalists. Pip talks to her in her little squeaks. “She carries on quite a conversation,” says Judy. When asked what Pipsqueak might be saying, Judy surmises: “ I’d rather be watching birdies but I know you need me on your lap right now.”

4. Mary Beth of New York, owner of Deirdre (calico Tabby), Archie (Tabby with white chest and boots) and Erasmus (Tabby) states the best thing about cats is that they act like cats all the time, and love you as cats. They’re affectionate if you know how they show it. Mary Beth’s kitties show her love by head-butting her, and “whispering purry things” in her ears.

5. Cees of Amsterdam, Holland, owner of Mickey (black and white European Shorthair) comments, “A cat will give you a feeling (s)he needs and loves you - while looking perfectly as if (s)he doesn't need anybody in the world at all.” When Cees arrived home from vacation, the very first greeting he received was from his cat, sitting by the front door in the hallway. “Much quicker than my son and daughter arrived to greet me,” he adds!

Why do you love your cat?


  1. 1. Low maintenance (well, for the most part!) You can go away for a weekend and they'll be fine, thank you.
    2. Kneading. Is there anything more loving than a cat kneading you?
    3. No bathing required; they are capable of staying relatively pristine all by themselves. (and they hardly ever stink!)
    4. Resilient. I've brought one back from near death with some care and a couple of vet visits.
    5. Easy to collect. No one has just one cat.

  2. I've had many cats throughout my life (and dogs, too). With cats, you have to earn their respect; but once you do, you have a friend for life. My present female torti, Meisha, is my constant companion, sticks close by when I'm not feeling well, and tries to carry on a conversation with her various mews and gurgles. A previous cat, Mitzi, would lay on my chest when I was ill and rest a comforting paw on my cheek. Cats can be very loving and affectionate if we just take the time to understand and appreciate them.

  3. You gotta love cats! We have a hugely fat ragdoll cat that has let our daughter carry him around the house since she was about 7 years old. He lies on my chest whenever I am reading and peeks his head over the top of the book. I always laugh because my husband still insists that somehow we ended up with great cats as opposed to the evil ones he experienced growing up. We are currently down to 2 male cats that are best of buddies with each other and our family. Best of alarm clock needed. Our cats wake us up at the same time every day in order to be fed!

  4. I love the kneading comment, Becky! hehe. Also the "easy to collect." How many do you have?

  5. Donna, did your dogs and cats get along?

  6. I don't know what a ragdoll cat looks like, but it sounds adorable!

  7. Cats are beautiful and graceful. Dogs can be pretty or cute, but I've never seen one as beautiful as a cat. I love the way a cat can make a leap from the floor to the back of a high back chair look so effortless. I love their aloofness. Of course your dog loves you; he or she can't help it. When your cat kneads you or snuggles next to you though, you feel special. You know you've earned it.

  8. Matt, thanks commenting. I've got to agree with you about the leaping. Last summer we had a small window pane missing from the row in the top section of our garage door. I saw a cat walk by and leap up and through that window. How did the cat even know that particular section didn't have any glass in it?! I was impressed. While cats can be beautiful, I must add that my dog Kelly is also very beautiful!


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