Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Pet Roundup

Hi and welcome to Monday Pet Roundup!

*Technology is constantly surprising me. PC World reports on a New iphone app that "translates" your dogs barks and then "tweets them out to the world"! Right now my dog would be tweeting zzzzzzz.

* More technology news from engadget: Dog e-Minder to record the last time your pet was walked, ate, or took its medication. Do we really need this?

*And finally, My Pet Speaker allows pets to listen to your ipod.

*A California man claims his dog was attacked by a mountain lion. Turns out it was a raccoon. This was determined by some highly advanced detective work, noting "the absence of mountain lion tracks (and) the presence of very large raccoon tracks" in the area.

*What was she thinking?! The New York Post reports that a Brooklyn woman, Donna McPherson, left her little Westie dog tied up to a post outside a store while she ran in "for two minutes" to buy milk. Someone stole the $25 coat off the poor little pup's back. While I agree it's unspeakable for someone to steal a coat off a dog--I mean, really!--it would have been worse if they stole the dog! I've no doubt that she loves her dog, so why risk it?

*Sweet stories on Pet News and Views about how pet lovers met their partners. Dogs, cats and even ferrets helped kindle true love.


  1. ha! pet listening to your ipod!? Cracks me up!

  2. What will they think of next?! Actually I've seen movies and DVDs you can buy for your pet to watch!


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