Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hero dog Buddy leads troopers to fire

I was working out at the gym the other day, when I saw this clip on the news. Because I didn't have my headphones, I couldn't hear what the story was about. Why was that car chasing that dog?

When I got home and did some research, I discovered that the car wasn't chasing after the dog, but the dog was leading a police car through confusing back country roads in Alaska. Here's the amazing story:

On Sunday April 4th, Buddy the German Shepherd and his owner, 23-year old Ben Heinrichs were in the workshop of their home in Caswell Lakes, Alaska when a heater ignited chemicals in and started a raging fire. The owner, who suffered burns to his face, called 911.

Trouble is, the home was located in a forested area with many forks in the roads, and difficult to locate. Buddy took off, found a trooper responding to the call, and led him back to the house.

Buddy is being lauded as a hero.


  1. Awesome story! It is amazing what animals are capable of!

  2. I don't know which is more impressive in this story: That the dog instinctively knew how to get help, or that the cop followed the dog (and his instincts) without question. Either way, very cool.

    Did you see this audio slideshow with the State Trooper describing the experience? Very touching.

  3. Oops, forgot to post the audio slideshow link:

  4. Thanks Kate! Animals are amazing. And thanks for the link to the slideshow Karen :)


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