Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Pet Roundup

Hi and welcome to Monday pet roundup!

* One day I went to the Game Farm and saw an elephant with stick figure pictures and tic tac toe boards painted on its side. I can't express how incredibly sad that made me feel. And now some people are painting their dogs. Seriously? It may be harmless. It might even be clever. But I still feel sad. Am I off base here?

* Probably a result of the interest in Great Danes inspired by the movie Marmaduke, CBS News shares this video report about raising large dogs.

* A friend of mine's cat suddenly stopped eating. The cat had surgery and returned home with a feeding tube in its neck which my friend had to use to administer liquid food to the cat for three weeks. The treatment cost more than a thousand dollars. Another friend took loans to pay thousands of dollars for rods in her dog's hips and legs after a serious car accident. Pet care, especially out of the ordinary care, is expensive. This AP-Petside poll took a look at how pet parents deal with the cost of pet care.

* Love this post from Dogster about labs patrolling and protecting at the US Open. Especially because my last dog was a sweet yellow lab, Hudson.

*What kind of cologne should you wear to the zoo? Maybe the real question is, what kind of cologne should you NOT wear to the zoo. Apparently the big cats are obsessed with Calvin Klein's Obsession.

* Dancing Dog Blog reports a pet food recall for Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Chicken Dog Food.

* Neat product review on Pet Connection Blog of the cool pet mat.

What about you? How are you and your pet enjoying the summer?


  1. I don't think you are off base on the dog painting thing. Not at all. But what really gets my knickers in a knot is docking ... all to meet some kind of artificial "breed standard." I hope we don't wake up one day to find a new species has taken over our planet and decided we humans look better with one ear.

  2. I feel the same way about docking. Those ears and tails are adorable just the way God made them. lol about the human ears!

  3. Thanks for the mention, Peggy! (don't think I got a trackback on this)The whole dog painting thing that apparently started in China is nothing short of frightening. I can't imagine that the dyes used are dog-friendly, especially given their track record. Makes me wonder if there's a bunch of people in a room somewhere making up things people can do to their pets all in the guise of "having fun." I don't see any charm in this either! Then again, maybe I'm a killjoy...


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