Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Pet Roundup

Hi and welcome to Monday Pet Roundup!

* Friday was Take Your Dog to Work Day but some lucky dogs get to go to work every day. The Washington Post reports that more than a dozen dogs roam the congressional offices in Washington DC. Meet Tiger, Pooley, Julep, Cali, Bruin...

* Looking for a cool app for your new iphone4? PC World alerts us to DogBeMine, an app that connects you with current dog trends, local services and more.

*I just love this story from Pawnation about the friendship and love between two dogs. This blind King Charles Spaniel has her own seeing eye dog. Beautiful.

* Does your cat need a new toy? Imperial Cat introduces an adorable new line of Cute as a Bug scratch 'n sniff toys. These toys include ladybug, butterfly, snail and caterpillar. They really are pretty cute!

* Guess what this beautiful Weimaraner spotted in a puddle outside an office building in Ohio? According to POPFI, not only did this dog spot--but he also captured---a 4 foot alligator!

*Another lousy dog driver--Dogster reports on dogs who have, ahem, run over their owners by accident.

*So technically, this isn't a pet, but I guess you could call it a cyber pet. I've been following little eaglet Pheonix since he first hatched from his egg high up in a tree in on Hornby Island, Canada. The little guy is a big guy now, and in a few more weeks will fledge the nest. Be sure to watch this eagle of Hornby Island get ready for his own independence day.


  1. That driving story was a fun one. Can you imagine submitting a claim to your insurance agent? :)

  2. The dog running over their person is funny - but are we sure it was an accident? Just sayin'...

  3. LOL you guys, I'm glad my dog hasn't tried to take the wheel yet.


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