Friday, August 13, 2010

Being Better for my Dog

Our dogs love us completely, even on days we fall far short on our end of the relationship. That unconditional love is part of the reason why we care so much. Yet, it is also why I want to try even harder to be the best I can for my dog.....why I research healthy pet food...take her to the vet's for check ups when needed... throw her tennis ball over and over and over. And I still want to do more.

An article last week in the Miami Herald cited ways to be a better pet owner. It mentions common suggestions such as daily care and preventative care, and being prepared for emergencies. But more importantly what specifically can I do for my little Kelly? I thought about this.

How can I be a better owner/friend/parent to my dog?

1. Take her on more walks. Kelly loves her walks. I know, because she livens up, her ears perk up, she wags constantly, and sniffs around almost with a smile on her face. And yet, some days I'm too busy to clip on the leash and get her out the door. Even if I only have time for a short spin around the block, I commit to walking her daily, or even twice!

2. Find her a playmate. I could be wrong, but I think Kelly would like a playmate. This is a bit difficult, because sometimes Kelly doesn't seem to get along with other dogs. She growls a bit when we meet them on the street. And sometimes when I've had a friend bring their dog over to play, neither dog is interested. Wow, Kelly must really be finicky about her friends. But whenever I see dogs romping together and playing, I think she must be wanting some of that fun, too.

3. Stop feeding her my pizza crusts. Since Kelly and I have been on a diet together, I've stopped feeding her table scraps. Well, almost. I really don't care for pizza crusts, or the crusts of sandwiches. And Kelly looks up at me so cute and beguiling. We've switched to whole wheat pizza dough and healthy whole grain bread, so I figure if it's good for me, it is good for her. But really, I know that is too many calories for a little gal. But did I mention that she looks at me so cute?!

I'm still not sure about #2, but I have recommitted to walking Kelly more and to stop giving her my crusts. (maybe a bite?!)

What about you? What are some ways you think you could be better for your pet?


  1. Great post, Peggy! I try to be conscious of what I can do to make my boys happier, and I love your point that it's as simple as taking them on more walks!

  2. Hi. We are new to your blog and wanted to stop by and say hello.
    Love your post today.
    We also try to go on more walks because they enjoy them so much.
    I try to do more play time and of course more belly rubs:)

  3. Good post, When we lost our last dog Jack he was 15 I wish I'd have taken him on more walks, but thinking about it after he got to age 10 and started going deaf he didn't like going that far. With George as you know we take him all over the place, but sometimes he is funny and will dig his heels in and not go out of the door.Maybe we are doing to much with him!
    Another dog? maybe, a couple of things are holding me back. George is only 8 months and still learning, plus the added cost of a second dog. If we did go ahead the best time would be March, April next year.

  4. www.bjtayloronline.comAugust 13, 2010 at 11:54 AM

    Love the post! For some tips on Adding Another Dog to the Household check out: Great advice on how to do it right. Hugs to you, B.J.

  5. Dogs in general just seem to thrive on attention - and the more the better.

  6. Great post! My poppa used to feed me table scraps but he does not anymore even though I use my cute doggie face!


  7. With 6 dogs I try to get more one-on-one time with each of them. Even if it's just a few minutes here and there. And walks. Always can take more walks, plus I'm trying to exercise more. So what a perfect match.

  8. Hi Peggy.

    Thanks for following our blog :)
    I didn't know you're a columnist! That's such an awesome job!!! make my Eva happier. I think the happiest I've ever seen her was at the beach so maybe we should live by the beach :)

  9. Thanks Maggie. I bet you make your boys really happy.

    Thanks for stopping by Jen. Walks, play and belly rubs, sounds like those dogs are in the best hands!

    George seems like a very happy boy with all the attention he gets too.

  10. Thanks BJ. It's a big decision to add another dog to the family.

    Chewy that cute doggy face could get you lots of treats.

    Don't we all want attention, Alex?!

    24, my dog helps me get motivated to get out and exercise too. Sounds like you get lots and lots and lots!

  11. Hey Priscilla, I'm sure Eva will be happy with sprinklers, lakes or kiddie pools too!

  12. What a Great Post! We love our walks here in Nh. We try to go out walking with everyone at least once a day.
    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  13. We have been in and out of internet coverage the past few days, and I am trying to catching up on my reading. I apologize for this "late" comment.

    This may not be the assurance you were looking for, but it sounds like Kelly has a better life with you than do most children in the world. And personally, we take Ty and Buster on more/longer walks so I can feed them the occasional pizza crust! Why can't it be both!

  14. BTW - LOVE how much easier you've made it to leave comments!

  15. Thanks so much for commenting when you have been so busy. That is a good point about the walks/pizza crust connection! I hope it works for me too!

  16. You don't know how happy I am to hear this! My daughter and I have been working hard making some improvements to the blog, and I wasn't sure if Disqus was the way to go or not. It did lose all my old comments, but my daughter says they'll come back in a day or so. I hope so! Thank you so much for your comments :)

  17. It didn't LOSE them! It just takes a while to import the old comments into the new system. They are just in transition!!

  18. hehe if they're not there, they must be "lost"! Thanks Kate, love Mom :)

  19. Great post, Peggy! I try to be conscious of what I can do to make my boys happier, and I love your point that it's as simple as taking them on more walks!


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