Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Pet Roundup

Hi and welcome to Monday Pet Roundup!

* Barking. Our dog Kelly barks at cats, squirrels and the mailman. But I'm talking about chronic, excessive barking. The kind the neighbor dogs practice. Left out for excessive amounts of time, these dogs bark due to boredom, fear, or discomfort. I feel sorry for these dogs and their quality of life. And also mine! What can I do? suggests various ways to quiet your neighbor's barking dog including:
1. the infamous anonymous note
2. the face to face approach
3. uploading a video of the dog to YouTube
4. contacting authorities

* I think most cats would love to get loose in the big outdoors, but dangers such as pests, diseases and predators make for a scary wide world. According to writer Franny Syufi from, there are ways to get your kitty some sunshine:
1. Just carry kitty in your arms
2. try training to a leash
3. tote in a stylish cat carrier
4. invest in some mega outdoor play areas

* I don't know why this man ignored his painful (and odoriferous) toe for so long but according to, his terrier Kiko is credited with saving the man's life. Kiko apparently sniffed out life-threatening diabetes and chewed off the tip of the toe. I guess it's a good thing the man was passed out drunk at the time.

* What is the most-taught dog trick? According to an informal Internet search, it's the "Get Me a Beer" trick. Extra points if the dog recycles and closes the refrigerator door.
(Maybe Kiko performed this trick a few too many times for his owner.)

What about you? Do you have a solution for barking neighbor dogs? Does your cat like to go outside? And have you taught your dog the Fetch me a Beer/Mt. Dew/Diet Coke trick?


  1. Luckily, my mother in law lives next door and sometimes she lets out her beagle and forgets that he is outside, even though he is barking like crazy-I call her up and tell her to let her dog in because he is driving me nuts and I am going to call the police on her:)

  2. Jen, why is it their own barking dogs never annoy them? haha.

  3. Hey Sallie, I wonder if anyone has had success with that technique?!

  4. The dog chewed off the toe? Now that's a new one!

  5. My neighbor has a young son, who thinks it is so funny to hide behind the fence and bark at the dogs. My dogs stand their looking at the fence, wondering what the crazy noise is, so we don't have barking dogs as neighbors but barking kids.

  6. Hey cool tips!My momma is going to try those on me.


  7. Hi Chewy, always happy to see you when you stop by. Tell your Momma to give you an extra treat.

  8. 5 Dogs, that is funny about the barking neighbor kids! Maybe you should hide behind the tree and talk back to them, and trick them into thinking the dogs are talking!

  9. I feel for you with the barking dog situation. My next door neighbor, who calls the cops on us every chance she gets, has 2 very amazing and beautiful little dogs, but sometimes they yip into the wee hours of the morning or night. We just close the windows- I would never think of calling the cops on her dogs- although, I'm sure she wouldn't hesitate to call them on mine!

  10. I have to wonder about people who let their darks bark all day. Are they crazy or just plain inconsiderate? Douse them with the water hose when they bark. That should shut them up.

    Stephen Tremp

  11. I would try that humane no bark device advertised on TV after finding out if the source is within the effective barking range of the device. Nothing but nothing is worse than incessant barking.

    If that doesn't work, I'd do the face to face. Sometimes if you have a solution for them, like the Company of Animals website that has a humane no bark collar, it helps bridge the gap. Of course, they might be the type that just don't give a flip. In which case you get to file a complaint. Never a happy event, but sometimes necessary. Maybe a Humane Officer needs to explain what constitutes abuse.

  12. Very solid suggestions Mary. Thank you. I do try to approach things kindly...the last thing I want to do is anger a neighbor and then who knows what might happen.


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