Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Love Treats!

Treats in the mail! Yippee!
Kelly and I want to give a big BOL Thank You to St. Louis Senior Dog Project for sending us these goodies! We recently won a contest, and couldn't be more delighted when our prize arrived. I got an awesome navy t-shirt and Kelly got some extra-delicious natural treats from Treats Unleashed . Wow, did she love them.

Let me tell you, these treats looked and smelled fresh from the bakery amazing. Here's Kelly sniffing them right through the envelope. (Kelly's on the windowsill where she sleeps most of the day. What does she think she is, a cat?)

I love the good work this place does. In case you're not familiar, the St. Louis Senior Dog Project is a non-profit organization to rescue dogs (of all ages, but especially 5 years old and up) and to promote the adoption of older dogs.
Here are a few of the senior dogs for adoption and check out their Dog of the Week blog.


  1. What a great organization! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kelly is a gorgeous dog. Thanks for spotlighting senior dogs,too. I have a huge soft spot for them.

  3. Mmmmm...I bet those treats were DEE-lish! And it sounds like that rescue is a Most Wonderful place!

    Oh, and please tell Kelly that me and my mom think she is one of the cutest doggies we ever saw in our whole entire lives!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. Thanks for stopping by. How old are your newfies?

  5. Thank you. Yes, senior dogs are wonderful. Kelly is 9 now, I guess she's a senior now too.

  6. Aww thanks Mayzie! I'll tell her, but she might get a big head. She already thinks she's the boss!

  7. Congrats on your win! The treats look awesome.


  8. Such a sweet photo of Kelly and her treats!

    Also a round of applause out to the St. Louis Senior Dog Project as well! My mom lost her poodle of 15 years last October, and just adopted a senior poodle who was displaced after her Hu-Mom in SC went into a nursing home. The little girl then trekked cross-country to a foster home, before landing in a rescue home, where we connected and made an introduction to my mother, and voila! A new loving home for the senior poodle and both she and my mom are best companions! Kudos for the rescues who place senior dogs!

  9. Those treats do look Yummy and I bet they are. That rescue place sounds great and it is so great that someone is finding homes for the senior dogs. We will go check it out. Thanks for the info

  10. Great story. I love when senior dogs are placed with seniors! A match made in heaven.

  11. Hi...I am visiting from the Pet Blog your site. Just wish I hadn't seen the picture of the beagle up for adoption:( If I lived in St. Louis, I'd be on my way to pick her up...(much to my husband's dismay) I have a big ole soft spot for Beagle furpeople! I'd love for you to come visit!

  12. My kids and I just love adorable dogs. Very cute. Congrats to you and Peggy. What was the contest all about? I'm sure Peggy really deserves those yummy dog treats. Hope to see more blog posts from you soon.


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