Friday, September 24, 2010

Practicing our Good Manners

Has your dog earned his Canine Good Citizen degree? Kelly hasn't yet, and one of the reasons is because she still isn't reliably friendly around other dogs. That's something we're going to have to work on.

Canine Good Citizen is sponsored by the American Kennel Club (AKC), and rewards dogs (purebred and mixed breed) who display good manners at home and in the community. That's why I want to participate, because I think this is a worthy accomplishment.

In addition to basic commands such as sit, stay and come, here are some of the things your dog will have to know to be a Canine Good Citizen:

1. Behave politely around people. Allow a friendly stranger to approach. When your dog is being petted, he shouldn’t spin around like a top, but he shouldn’t shy away either.

2. Behave politely around other dogs. Your dog should never show signs of aggression. It’s acceptable to show interest in the other dog as long as she remains in control.

3. Cooperate for veterinary examinations and grooming. It’s not easy to be poked and prodded, but no nipping!

4. Walk on a leash without tugging or pulling ahead like a Greyhound at the races. He will not have to heel perfectly, just walk with you evenly.

5. Remain calm when she is left with someone else and you are out of sight. We know she loves you. But she should be able to separate from you for a short time.

Has your dog participated in the Canine Good Citizen program? If not, what are the tasks that you and your dog find most challenging? One thing for sure, Kelly and I have some work to do!


  1. Thanks for sharing the post! Now I know what I should do with Eva for the next few weeks or even months : )

  2. Barbie and I are going for the CGC in November. I have no doubt that she will pass. The only issue she had was shying away from strangers but she has pretty much overcome that.

  3. Mom Beaglebratz here - We are fairly new followers here - I have a difficult time getting around to all the blogs I am following. I really like your blog.

    Shiloh & Shasta are both therapy dogs with Delta Society - as such, even tho it is not required, the CGC is recommended so I thought why not go for it anyway since all the obedience training in the world only improves the overall quality of the human-animal bond and adds to your enjoyment of your dog. And I like knowing that I have taken a breed that is commonly thought to be dumb, stubborn and won't learn and earned a CGC on both.

    PS - Rite now, our Internet is out at home but I hope to get that fixed later this evening.

  4. Lucas earned his CGC earlier this year. It took a lot of work for us to get him ready, and I am so proud of him!! Emmett, who passed his therapy dog test with flying colors, did not pass the CGC!! Can you see me hanging my head in shame?? Our sticking point was ignoring the other dog. He really wanted to meet her and did a little play bow. Sigh. I haven't decided if we're going to retake it or not? But training for it was really fun and definitely worthwhile!

  5. We have looked into getting the boys their CGC and hope to do so within the year!

  6. I am a C T D and a C G C.
    My mom says I am a perenial student. I don't know what that means... butt I do have a bunch of certificats... and I always get a pawty after I graduate. hehehe

  7. Congratulations Shilo, Shasta, Lucas and Frankie on your CGC accomplishments! I'm throwing a little pawty of my own right now for you all!

  8. I know Eva, Barbie, Emmett, Leroy, Sherman and (hopefully) Kelly will do great and earn their CGC. Keep me posted!

  9. Mom Beaglebratz, thanks for the compliments, I'm happy to have you, Shilo and Shasta here! I'm jumping right over to visit yours, too.

  10. Maggie don't feel bad about Emmett, that is so endearing that he wanted to play. What a sweetie!

  11. In Canada, the CKC has the Canine Good Neighbour Program which is just like the AKCs test. I've never thought of doing it with Jersey, but I'm sure that she would pass ok since she is very docile and good with other dogs. With a little practice I'm confident that Kelly will get her Canine Good Citizen :)

  12. Don't feel bad. It seems unlikely that Ty and Buster will ever be sporting a Canine Good Citizen diploma anytime soon ... but we're working on it!

  13. I'm trying to get Pru primed and ready for her CGC, but that is definitely going to take a more time and patience ;)

  14. Don't feel bad. It seems unlikely that Ty and Buster will ever be sporting a Canine Good Citizen diploma anytime soon ... but we're working on it!

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