Friday, October 1, 2010

Riding in Cars with Dogs

This week Be the Change for Animals is promoting Be Smart, Ride Safe, to inform pet owners about the dangers of unrestrained pets in vehicles.

Kelly loves to ride in the car. Note: This is NOT how Kelly travels (picture taken for a photo op moment.) But I've been thinking a lot about this issue during the week.

Kelly has been riding comfortably on the back seat of the SUV. Yes, unrestrained.

She doesn't jump around, she doesn't bother the driver. She doesn't stick her head out the window like this:

(Note: Again, Kelly doesn't ride like this. But I must admit, she did enjoy posing for this shot!)

But I started thinking about what could happen in the event of an accident:

* This sounds awful, but she could become a projectile in an accident.
* If she was injured or frightened, she could distract rescue workers from getting to humans who needed help.
* During rescue attempts, she could escape out a window or open door and become lost.
* If she escaped post-accident, she might run into the road and get hit and/or cause another accident.

So I'm looking into getting a harness, which would still allow her to ride in her favorite seat in the back.
What about you? Where does your pet travel in the car? Does your pet balk at being restrained?
Have you taken the Be Smart Ride Safe pledge?


  1. We use the Travelin' Dog harness from the Good Pet Stuff Company ( You attach the seatbelt attachment into the anchor points in the back seat. So then Bella's buckled in, but still has some mobility to move around the back seat itself.

  2. I just ordered my harness from Amazon and can't wait for it to arrive! I've actually bagged plans with the dogs until I can safely restrain them so as not to place anybody in harms way anymore. What a wake-up call. I'm so grateful for the Be Smart Ride Safe campaign.

  3. Great post today!
    I have to admit, most of the time we do not use a restraint for the boys in the car. Ifwe have only one traveling with us and we are traveling far then they are put in crates.

  4. Miss Peggy,

    Mom always buckles me in when we goes fur a ride! I use da Easy Rider Harness, it works great fur me!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

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    Is this possible?

  6. You tell'em lady. Thats why we have acar seats.
    Pee S. We are posting about our frisbee tomorrow

  7. In the RV, Ty and Buster are both in harnesses that attach to seat belt clips via a tether. In the SUV, the harnesses attach to a clip on floor. We've never traveled with the boys without a restraint.

    And interestingly, the question of how you restrain your dog when you travel by car is the subject of this month's GoPetFriendly travel poll.

  8. A great post!

    I keep Eva in the flight crate whenever we have a car ride. Not that she's naughty in the car, it's just that I want to make sure she's safe if anything happens to the car.

  9. I'm straped in a harness, mom tried my crate but it was a pain getting it in and out the car each time we went out.(see its my bedroom at night)
    Mom says Clunk Click every trip. This was a saying in a advert years ago!!
    See Yea George xxx

  10. We would like all of our woofie friends to be safe when they travel!!!

  11. We have a pet barrier for both our cars and the dogs ride in the cargo area. I read something from AAA recently that said that 25% of car accident injuries are because of "projectiles" in the car, including pets. But I do worry about them getting loose in case of an accident so I've been thinking more and more about getting seatbelts for them. We tried it with Ranger when we first got him and he HATED it. But it seems there are more options out there now.

    Mayzie's mom

  12. thank you for the mention we appreciate it and keep on truckin. Bark Buckle UP, Pet Safety Lady and Be Smart Ride Safe appreciate you!!! wOOF out

  13. Thanks for the great reminder, Peggy. I've rigged up a leash/seat belt/harness contraption for Frankie. It's not fancy but it's secure.

  14. I remember reading about how a dog becomes a living projectile inside a vehicle that's been hit - the images in my head were enough for me to quit taking unnecessary chances with my dog's safety and get a seat belt.

    I went with the EZDog $7 seatbelt with a the stainless steel swiveling d-ring. I already had a harness that fit him, but EZDog also make one with a good breastplate on it so whatever force is applied is distributed avoiding injury to the dog.

  15. Cute pics - thanks for stopping by! You may want to come back and enter the Huggle Hounds contest!


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