Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Pet Roundup

Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup!

* From the AP, a proposition on Missouri ballots would create stricter laws for commercial dog breeders, calling for restricting numbers of breeding pairs, enlarging living quarters, requiring veterinary care and creating a misdemeanor crime for "puppy mill cruelty." A good start? Or not hardly enough?

* How long is the world's longest cat? According to Fox-11 online--and the Guiness Book of World Records-- 48 and 1/2 inches from nose to tail. The record-holder is Stewie, a five-year old Maine Coon Cat.

* The Washington Post tells us about a Maryland company, Dogs Finding Drugs, which is renting their drug-sniffing dogs to parents who want to locate their teens' stashes.

* Ever felt the need to thoroughly analyze the rate at which a wet dog must shake in order to shed droplets of water from its coat? Want to hear a scientist thoroughly discuss this phenomenon on NPR? Or would you just like to see cute video of the wet dog shake?

* Cute pig alert! Check out the piggie in wellies from Life magazine!

* More cute. Cute puppy alert!


  1. Grrrreat post... I have to shake water off for about 87 seconds.

  2. Very interesting post! Always enjoy reading your roundup posts!

    Thanks for sharing the video too, the puppies are so so cute!

  3. Stricter breeding regulations may sound like a good idea, but they won't do any good. The problem is there are too many unregistered and unlicensed "breeders" that the government has no record of. Only the registered, licensed breeders are inspected annually, and these are generally the "good" breeders. The "bad" breeders will remain unregistered and will continue to house dogs in poor conditions, etc.

    It's kind of like how the mandatory spay/neuter laws may sound good but they don't actually do any good.

  4. That was the most adorable little piggy that I have ever seen!! Saw the Maine Coon, too. Stewie is one huge kitteh!


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