Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A smile before your busy holiday.

Like everyone else, I'm busy getting ready to stuff the turkey and bake the holiday pies. So instead of the usual Wednesday pet roundup, I wanted to share this--one of the absolute most adorable videos ever. Since more than 4 million people have viewed this video, maybe you've seen it too. But I still love watching it, and hope you will too. It's a perfect way to add a smile to your day! So while you are cleaning the house and peeling potatoes, take a minute to relax and enjoy.
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Jesse is so WONDERFUL!!!

    Thanks for sharing it!

    Happy Thanksgiving, too!!!

  2. That is one of the best videos I have watched. What a smart doggie that is. I need him around here.
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. That was so cute! Makes my dogs look like wild animals because he so well trained!! BOL Thanks for sharing, we loved it.

  4. Thanks for showing that to us - what a clever little dog - is he rented out by the hour?

  5. That was the best! thanks for sharing!
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving:)

  6. That is one busy woofie...too cute!

  7. Great video. What a cute and smart dog! Thanks for sharing!


  8. And smiling I am! Thank you for sharing that video, which I had not seen before. I will showing it to the FiveSibes in the hopes they will get some ideas - especially helping with the dishwasher! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. love this!!! I have seen Jesse before and he is one amazing dog!
    Happy Turkey Day!

  10. That was fantastic! Thanks for sharing.


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