Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Beagle in a Bug

Look what I saw in the car ahead of me as I pulled into the grocery store parking lot!

A beagle in a leopard print coat!

Although never like to see dogs left unattended in cars, I must add that it wasn't too cold that day, and the doggy was wearing its nice winter coat. I kept my eyes open, and the owner appeared quickly. I just hope that they properly buckled her up before they drove off.


  1. Teehee.
    What a cute sweater!!
    Glad the owner came back quickly for it!

  2. Billy said he wanted a sweater like that. I told him he would look like he was pimpin' if he wore it. It is for a girl only I said. Whew! Glad I changed his mind!

  3. Shasta here - Ok, mom NEEDZ tu git me a coat like that - such a cutie an'lookz most comfy. Shiloh sed that's a girlz coat - he needz a MAN'Z coat (yeah, rite an'he iz delusional tu).

  4. How cute is that. I am sure that anyone who would buy that coat fur their dawg.. would never leave him fur tooo long.

  5. Love the title of this post! Glad to hear the owner came out soon after. We see so many dogs left in cars and it infuriates us...especially in a South Texas summer!

  6. That "Beagle in a Bug" was a true K9 fashionista!

  7. Oh momma says some words when she sees doggys left alone in a car. We are afraid we will get stolen
    Benny & Lily

  8. What a cute baby! That coat is too much!!
    Good of you to have a watchful eye and to care so!

  9. That does make an adorable picture! But I am with you, dogs need to be belted or in a crate. Tsk Tsk!

    P.S. When is your book out - I really want to see it?!

    Miss Kodee @Barkn About


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