Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Cards that Support Pet Causes

Your holiday cards can help pets too! If you purchase any of these dog and cat themed holiday greetings, a portion of the purchase price will benefit hard-working animal causes.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is committed to “alleviating pain, fear and suffering in all animals” through national programs, education and government advocacy.
These cards feature 5 different designs with whimsical photos, such as this bulldog pulling a sleigh of kitties! All net proceeds benefit ASPCA programs.

2. Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
This organization provides guide dogs to blind and visually impaired people, or people with other special needs who seek enhanced mobility and independence. These cards feature a sweet guiding eye puppy with a snowglobe. Approximately 67.37% of the purchase price goes to the Guide Dog Foundation.

3. Canine Companions for Independence
A national nonprofit organization that provides trained assistance dogs and support to children and adults with disabilities. A mixed pack of three different designs with pictures of CCI puppies. Proceeds support CCI programs.

4. Humane Society of the United States
The Humane Society works "to create a humane and sustainable world for all animals, including people” through education and advocacy programs. Some of the cutest color illustrations and photographs of dogs and cats around. Choice of all dogs, dog and cat combination, or
wildlife designs. Proceeds support Humane Society programs.

5. The Animal Rescue Site
The Animal Rescue Site helps provide food for the thousands of animals rescued by shelters each year. There are so many different adorable cards on this site you won’t know which one to choose.

If you love pets, consider ordering any of these cards and support a worthy cause.


  1. What wonderful cards for a great cause! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. This was some Cool Drool info. I hope EVERYBUDDY makes some green papers fur their causes.

  3. Thank you Gloria, Priscilla and Jen. @Frankie Furter, always fun to get your comments. You have such a way with words!!

  4. They sure are cute, I like that first one!

  5. Thanks for sharing. It always feels so much better to make a purchase when you know it's going towards a good cause!

  6. to be honest I havent ever thought about this idea. I think next year I will do half regular and half to support a cause! Thank you for the heads up!

  7. Peggy thank you for posting these.

    I greatly prefer getting my cards from places that support pets but sometimes that isn't always possible.

    I try to do so whenever I can though!

  8. Adorable cards!
    Benny & Lily

  9. If you need to buy cards anyway, it's always a good idea to support a worthy cause.



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