Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday Pet Roundup

Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup! Here's my friend Linda's cutie pup, Bailey.

* I'm excited once again to be able to review a pet product from the extensive CSN Stores. They have over 200 online stores with thousands of products--everything from holiday gifts such as toys and children's luggage, to fireplace accessories, to yup--pet supplies. I'll be looking over their website to find the most interesting and useful pet product to try out and review for you.

* You heard all the no-no's. Now, from Pet MD, 5 holiday leftovers you CAN feed the dog. What do you think, is cranberry sauce on the list? Mashed potatoes?

* Amazing story brought to you via Life With Dogs. A Utah woman lost her little dog, Barkley. Two years later, with all hope given up, she checked on the shelter website, looking for a new pet, when what did she the rest of the story to discover the remarkable happy ending!

* Your laugh for today--have you seen those signs nailed to a tree for a lost cat or dog? Well, check out these--the most unusual missing pets-- from Buzzfeed.

* And now for a little movie news. Stella & Chewy's, makers of premium raw dinners for dogs, is sponsoring awards movie screenings in NY and LA for the new animated movie "My Dog Tulip," based on J.R. Ackerly's memoir. The movie reminded the pet food company's founder of how she adopted her dogs, Stella and Chewy, from a shelter.


  1. I sure hope mashed potatoes aren't on the list! I have been known to sneak a bite or two.

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Thanks for the news! Happy Wednesday!

  3. I'm so glad that Barkley is home with her owner at last!

    Thanks for the info too!

  4. Happy Wednesday!!
    We need to use our CSN certificate too and order some dog products - thanks for the reminder!

  5. @Pip, yup, mashed potatoes are on the list! Happy snacking!

  6. @Houndgirl what are you going to get at CSN? We got a nice pet bed before, and a mat for under the dog food bowls, and some cool toys.

  7. I've been listening to too much of the daily news lately, so checking out some nice stories was quite refreshing. Thanks!


  8. Daarling pic of Bailey! Haven't seen a pic since she was a pup! Enjoyed the video about Melissa and Barkley,too. Thanks, Peggy!


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