Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Pet Roundup

Hi and welcome to Wednesday pet roundup! Kelly and I hope all your holidays are wonderful!

* Aww, check out this story from An Oregon pit bull saved a blind cocker spaniel from freezing to death. This story will warm your heart.

* From Mashable, 10 Crazy Gadgets for cats and dogs. I love the tennis ball flinger and bacon flavored bubbles blower!

*These pugs need your help. Eli needs an operation so he can walk, and Maxine needs a home for the holidays! Check out Homeward Bound Pug Rescue.

* From the UC Daily News, 10 reasons to use a pet stroller. I hope that people with pet strollers still let their dog get out, walk, and sniff around. Kelly loves to sniff! Maybe these are good if your dog can only walk a short distance, and you want to keep walking farther. Then you can let your dog take a ride for a while, then maybe get out again when she is ready.

* I'd love to hear from you today! How are you and your pet celebrating Christmas? Keeping away the stress? Keeping warm? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


  1. Billy checks out the gifts under the tree a few times a day, trying to sniff out his! He loves pressies!

  2. Another set of wonderful Wednesday pet roundup! I always find them interesting and many of them make me smile : )

  3. @Gloria I hope Billy has a wonderful Christmas!

  4. @Priscilla Thank you for the kind words, everyone needs a pat on the head!

  5. Hi Peggy's, I do promise I have not forgot, I will get on the case ;)asap.
    These last 3 weeks have just gone by in a flash, and with all the snow it has changed what we are doing for Christmas
    Great round up. theres some wacky things for cats and dogs!!!
    Have a Great Christmas to all of your family
    Jan and George xxx

  6. The first story is amazing
    Not naughty, but nice,
    Benny & Lily

  7. Great links as always... and I love that photo!

  8. love that photo!

    I'm not having holiday stress, I am having "adjusting to retired husband stress!"

  9. So cute :)
    Hope you have a furry great Christmas!

  10. I'd have to say the auto ball launcher and the pet eye view camera would be high on my list!

    We are spending Christmas mostly at home and enjoying the quiet time, playing with the Sibes, and then visiting my mom. Nice and low-key. Very different from Christmases past, but I'm looking forward to it. How are you spending yours?

    PS - Love the photo!

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