Monday, February 28, 2011

Evermore and The Best Dog Food Diet

Would you eat your dog's food? Really?
Two Brooklyn NY women, Hanna Mandelbaum and Alison Wiener (pictured), are more than willing. Not only that, but for a whole month!

The two creators of Evermore Pet Food want to prove that their product is made with integrity. In a recent press release, Hanna states, "Every ingredient is fit for human consumption." The pet food is made of beef or chicken, including livers and hearts, as well as herbs, spices grains, vegetables and fruits. Alison, a personal chef, promises pet owners home-cooked meals from whole-food, healthy ingredients.

Starting March 1st, the two women committed to eating at least one meal a day of Evermore dog food for the entire month. Personally, I love this idea. These are two women who not only stand behind their product...they eat it up.

"Hopefully we will have shiner coats, more energy, and lose excess weight," says Hanna.

Click to find out more about Evermore Pet Food.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Kelly reviews NOse Offense

Sometimes I'm sent products to review, and if I think they're products that might help other pet people, I like to share my findings. So when the good folks at NOse Offense offered to send me a bottle of their pet odor neutralizing product, I agreed to give it a try.

When my house has a doggy odor, my family and I might not notice, Kelly probably likes it, but guests might sniff something less than flowery in the air. Like many of you, I look for gentle cleansers and avoid air fresheners that might be harsh or even toxic.

NOse Offense says that their product is:
*fragrance free.
*natural and organic.
*100% free of enzymes, alcohol, phosphates, phenol or phenol derivatives.
*plant based-- the active ingredient is made from the mature Castor Bean plant.
*green--dedicated to using recyclable packaging and bottle.

I tried NOse Offense; the product was easy to use and effective. I noticed no heavy perfume or cover-up fragrance. Hey, I'm all for a natural product that can help eliminate problem pet odors. If you're interested in learning more, check out NOse Offense.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Pet Roundup

Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup.

Jocelyn from has once again offered me a great product to review, and I can't wait to show you. It could be something for grooming, or travel, or play...I'm keeping it a secret for now. csnstores carries everything for pets: dog beds, cat trees, pet toys, aquariums, even rabbit hutches. And, when you're done browsing the pet supplies, check out something for the rest of the family too, such as outdoor playsets and things for spring!

Now, here are some facts about guinea pigs. (That's little me with my guinea pig, Gulliver.)

Guinea pigs:

1. are rodents, not pigs. (although some scientists now say they are a class of their own.)

2. squeak.

3. purr.

4. can swim.

5. can hop and jump.

I also thought I'd share with you some facts I learned while writing my Guideposts column, Pawsitively Pets.


1. are one of the smallest type of parrot.

2. don't need to be kept in pairs.

3. bond with their human parents.

4. like to cuddle.

5. love to clown around.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dieting with My Dog--My First Models

The book is written, the contract with a publisher signed, and the release date set (this August!) But my work isn't done. Now I am spending time on the promotional material needed to get the word out and let people know when Dieting with My Dog hits the shelves! One step is to create a video book trailer-- a teaser; to give you a flavor for the book. Just like a movie trailer, but for a book.

I'm keeping secret the exact details of the trailer, but I'll be so excited to share the finished product with you when it's ready! One thing I will tell you: for my video book trailer, I need a lot of different dogs. We just set out filming our first group of dogs, and they were amazing. You might even recognize one or two of them! I can't thank the participants enough, each dog is a superstar to me. Check them out! (above is foster dog Rockette.)


Maggie Mae

Levi Mac


The moms with the kids.

Me with the models. Thank you superstars!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Need some social networking? Get a dog!

For this cold winter weather, I have quite the appropriate guest blog: how dogs are the perfect ice breaker. Okay, so it's not that kind of ice breaker. But dogs can help us break the ice, socially, as guest blogger Heather Reynolds shares.

How Dogs are the Perfect Ice Breaker
Guest Post by Heather Reynolds

When I first moved to the Seattle area, I was right out of college and still a small town girl looking to make her way in a city. I lived on my own in a small apartment and while I had an internship three days a week, I was shy and didn’t really meet any real friends.

About six months into my life as a city girl, I decided to start looking for a canine companion. I had always been a pet lover and grew up with pets, and was excited to bring the first one into my life as an adult. I did a lot of research about the best pets for city life, and decided on the Italian Greyhound. As luck would have it, a friend of mine worked at the local humane society and alerted me to an Italian Greyhound that was brought in as a surrender. I immediately went to visit with her and brought her home that same day. (There she is in the photo, above!)

From that day on, I had an instant connection with several other people in the city. No longer was I ignored on my evening walks around my neighborhood. I was stopped several times by others walking their dogs to chat for a few seconds about how the neighborhood was so dog-friendly and did I see the new pet supply store that opened down the street?

And it wasn’t just other dog owners. Others out walking by themselves or sitting at outdoor cafes would stop me to ogle my cute little dog. This increased if I dressed her up in a coat or cute shirt – she was a celebrity!

I met new people every day and many of the same people who walked on our schedule. I got to know them and looked forward to chatting with them while we were out.

Dog parks also became a mecca for meeting new people. Pet owners trust other pet owners, of that I was starting to learn. I would discuss training techniques, health conditions, toys, crates, and clothes with complete strangers like we had known each other for years. I would pet their dog and my dog would jump up onto their lap for a snuggle. We would laugh as our dogs chased each other around the park, and look for other dogs like our own. It was an instant bond that I had never experienced before in my life.

I met some of my best friends by starting a conversation about our dogs and even now I have a job that is centered around my love of pets. Dogs are absolutely the best ice breaker if you are new to an area or simply a touch shy.

What has been your experience with using dogs as an ice breaker?

* Heather Reynolds is a pet lover and internet journalist at Trupanion. Feel free to contact her with any questions related to cat and dog insurance at

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Corbin and Kelly meet Nipper

Since Corbin is a cool dude, and a neighbor, we decided to enter his Shrine to Corbin contest! So here we go....

Kelly: Hey Corbin! You know that big doggy up on top of that building downtown?
Corbin: You mean the one called Nipper? The RCA dog?

Kelly: Yeah, that's the one. We should get together and go check him out. After all, he thinks he's top dog, but we both know that you and I are.
Corbin: But he's supposed to weigh 4 tons. He's so big!
Kelly: I know, but you're so strong (wink wink) and brave. Let's go!

Corbin: Hey, Nipper's not such a tough guy after all.
Kelly: I think we look pretty good up here.

Corbin: We rule, Albany!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Luv, Happy Birthday Kelly, and Contest Winners

Happy Valentine's Day from Kelly and me! And guess what, today we're also celebrating Kelly's birthday! Although we don't know her exact birth date, we were told she was about 1 year old when she came to us from the rescue shelter.

We thought she seemed a bit younger than that. So, we made an educated guess, and selected Valentine's Day for her birthday. Can you think of anything better?

Happy Birthday sweet Kelly. 9 Years Young Today (or somewhere thereabouts!). Check out the gray chin!

And now, here are the winners of Kelly's Hug A Pet Today bumper sticker contest:
I had a few extra bumper stickers, so I decided to send everyone who entered by midnight Sunday 2/13/11 a bumper sticker! And, by, CindyLu's Muse was chosen to win the book Desiderata for Dog Lovers, too! Congratulations! Please send me your snail mail address to peggyfrezon (at) gmail (dot) com, and I'll get your prizes right out. And thank you everyone for participating.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Kelly's Valentine's Day Contest!

Kelly has a Valentine's Day message she wants you all to see: Hug a Pet Today! Signs and stickers are one great way to share your message or get your pet cause or pet blog noticed. Recently, the super nice people at BuildASign contacted me and offered to send me some of their cool swag to review. I checked out their site and, once I took a look at all their excellent products...Sure! The best thing about this service is, you can customize yard signs, car window clings, bumper stickers and more to help raise awareness for your pet cause or pet blog. (Be sure to enter my contest, below!)
Megan from BuildASign sent me several great bumper stickers, and an awesome, HUGE banner to help promote my book.
Here's our reviews:
Product: 3 foot x 6 foot Banner
Ordering: Easy to use and customize.
Service: Fast delivery
Image Quality: Excellent. This is a very large size, and it came out crisp and clear. (High res photos work best)
Durability: Excellent. Banner feels almost like a tarp type material. I could definitely hang it outside. There are sturdy metal grommets on each corner.

Product: Bumper Stickers
Ordering: Easy to use and customize
Service: Fast delivery
Image Quality: Excellent. Use your own, or many designs available to choose from.
Durability: Excellent

*~*And now for the contest!*~*
I have 10 Hug a Pet Today! Bumper Stickers ready to give away. In addition, one winner will also receive a copy of the book Desiderata for Dog Lovers. Perfect for Valentine's Day, or a great gift for any dog lover. I'll select winners by randomizer. Kelly says please enter, these stickers are a nice way to remind others to give pets the love they deserve.

To enter:
1. Visit and check out their great products.
2. Leave a comment on this blog.
3. For an extra entry, follow this blog and leave another comment saying you followed.
4. For an extra extra entry, tweet about this contest and leave a comment saying you tweeted.

Winners will be announced on my blog on Valentine's Day.
(Thank you BuildASign People!)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Pet Roundup

This is my friend Sarah's dog, Charlie. I can't tell if he loves all this snow or not.

*Pet Connection today has tips on protecting your dog from the big chill.

* Do you brush your dog/cat's teeth? Do they like it? February is Pet Dental Health Month.

* For pets that sneak out under the fence, get loose, or have a knack for slipping out an open reports about a GPS device that can track your pets.

* Now for a smile. Life with Dogs brings us this Corgi tether ball match.

* I wasn't going to include this, but I'm so outraged and upset. A parasailing company in Russia decided to advertise by--- attaching a pet donkey to a parachute and pulling her through the air by speedboat. People below heard the donkey's frightened braying. She survived initially, but after her terrifying ordeal, the donkey died of a heart attack, alledgedly due to the stress of the stunt. What were these people thinking?? I want to cry.

(pssssst--- Check back Friday for our Valentine's Day giveaway contest!)

Monday, February 7, 2011

What's My Puppy?

After the recent success of the very fun Magical Mystery Mutt Tour blog hop, co-hosted by me, Will My Dog Hate Me, and I Still Want More Puppies, I realize that many people enjoy playing Guess That Dog Breed. So you may also enjoy this new website, What's My Puppy?

Started by Rick Thomas, a Columbus based web designer and animal lover, and inspired by his rescued shelter dog, Miley (pictured), What's My Puppy? helps people determine the breed of their pound puppies. Best of all, the site also donates quarterly to the registered shelter with the most participation points.

What's My Puppy offers users the chance to vote and comment on what they think the breed may be of any of the many puppies posted on the site. Users can even find out what their mystery breed pup may be through comments posted by other site users.

Fifteen percent of the site's advertising profits are donated to various shelters. In this way What's My Puppy? is raising not only awareness for homeless puppies, but actual dollars to help place more of the millions of homeless puppies.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Magical Mystery Mutt Tour Blog Hop

Welcome to the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour Blog Hop brought to you by Will My Dog Hate Me, Peggy's Pet Place, and I Still Want More Puppies.

Can you help me identify the unique mix of breeds that might make up our Kelly?

I'll give you more info to help you guess about Kelly, but first I want to tell you more about our Magical Mystery Mutt Tour Blog Hop. Won't you join us?! Just post a few pictures of your mixed breed dog (or a friend's or relative's,) link to your blog, and watch for everyone to come over and guess. Complete instructions are below. Now back to Kelly.

We found Kelly listed on Petfinders. She was living in a rescue shelter in New York, and searching for her furrever home. Am I glad she chose us! She was about 1 year old when she came to live with us. Now she's 9.

weight- 35 lbs.

Physical characteristics: Feathery tail, silky reddish-brown fur on top; cream colored curly thick fur on legs and belly, funny cowlicks on muzzle

Personality traits- energetic, stubborn, bossy but cuddly

What breeds do you think make up Kelly??

Want your mystery mutt's breeds guessed too? Here's how you can join the

Magical Mystery Mutt Tour Blog Hop: hosted by Peggy's Pet Place, Will My Dog Hate Me and I Still Want More Puppies!

1. Link up your blog name and URL using the Linky Tool below.
(Include on your blog a few pictures of your dog, and specific details to help everyone guess!) Here's the code for the Linky:
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

2. Follow your co-hosts (listed above) and comment on their blogs to let us know you've joined the hop!

3. Grab our Magical Mystery Mutt Tour Blog Hop Badge and the Linky tool for your post, if you want.

4. Check out as many of the other blogs on the Linky as you'd like, and guess away!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flat George visits the New York State Capitol

Many of you already know George, the handsome Welsh Terrier from Shropshire UK who blogs at George the Lad. Flat George is, well, a smaller, flatter and less hungry version of the same.

Flat George started his travels on 1/1/11, making stops in Asia, Australia, Africa and more. Now he's made his way to New York to visit Kelly and I. Here, Kelly's checking over the instructions, to make sure I do things right.

We decided to take FG to Albany, our state's Capital. On the way, we stopped to see Nipper. You might recognize him as the RCA dog. Although his former owners (RTA, former RCA distributor) have moved out, this huge 4-ton Nipper still calls the roof of this warehouse home.

George loves steps, so we brought Flat George to the best we have: The Million Dollar Staircase in the Capitol building. The stone staircase, carved with hundreds of famous faces, animals, gargoyles and scenes, took 14 years to complete.

After climbing many steps, Flat George checked out the Assembly Chamber.

He even got so bold as to try out the Speaker of the Assembly's chair and gavel!

Look closely. Flat George thinks he would improve the New York State seal.

Thank you for your visit, Flat George!
Follow Flat George's 2011 World Tour.