Monday, March 21, 2011

We got the results! now you can win free DNA test kit

What breeds make up Kelly? Well now I know, for sure. I tested Kelly's DNA, and I'm here to give you the results, and I want to give away a DNA kit to one of you, too!

Last month, during the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour, readers guessed what breeds composed our mixed up, I mean mixed breed, pooches. What fun! Then, Pet Safe, invited us to try out their new product, Pet Safe Breed Identification DNA Kit. The kit arrived, compact in a little folder with simple directions. All we had to do was swab the inside of Kelly's cheek and return the swabs in the postage-paid envelope. Despite her put-upon look, it doesn't hurt at all.

About two weeks later the results were in!

Magical Mystery Mutt participants guessed Kelly was:
cocker spaniel
golden retriever
king charles cavelier spaniel
tibetan spaniel
irish setter
clumber spaniel
afghan hound
springer spaniel
border collie

DNA tests revealed Kellys breed is:
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cocker spaniel!

Yup, that's it. I know, a little disappointing to have only one result. The test revealed that she is at least 75% cocker spaniel. "Most mixed breeds will not show any breeds listed under (this level) unless the dog has a purebred parent." So Kelly's mama or papa was likely pure cocker. The test was unable to account for the remaining 25 or so %. According to the packet information, this may be because:

1. there are breeds present that aren't included in their database.

2. she's really a purebred.

I'm guessing it's #1!
The database did not include 5 of the 15 dogs guessed in the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour. The database currently includes about 60 breeds of dogs.

Overall, the Breed Identification DNA Kit was a fun experience. Despite the limited number of breeds in the database, the kit would be helpful for anyone who is curious about their dog's breeds. The results include a fact sheet on the pertinent breed(s), with personality characteristics and health problems. I thought that was interesting. Check out the PetSafe DNA Kit.

**And, you could win a DNA Kit here! PetSafe has provided me with one kit to give away. Just leave a comment here, telling me why you would like to win a DNA Kit for your dog. I'll pick one winner by randomizer. Contest ends on Saturday 3/26 at 11:59pm. I'll announce the winner on next Wednesday Pet Roundup. Good Luck!


  1. I am curious about what went into making the Doodlebug :)

  2. I don't want a kit, but I do want to say that Kelly is cute no matter the breed!

  3. @Vicky Doodlebug is adorable!
    @Brian Kelly says thanks for the compliment .I agree!

  4. The DNA a test is a terrific option. For those of us who adopt mixed breeds from shelters and humane societies, it gives us some much needed linage information that may one day help us recognize an illness our pet has. A family member had a lovely young black and tan dog who seemed to have some foot or leg problems. We eventually tracked down that she was part Rottweiler. The vet noted their tendency to have hip dysplasia which helped us find the right medication early for her hip problem. I would LOVE to win your DNA kit as we have three mixed breed dogs!

  5. I don't want to sign up for the giveaway because I have a kit of my own that I am currently impatiently waiting for results from, but I couldn't not comment on Kelly's.

    Her results only prove what I thought. While she probably does have Cocker spaniel blood in her it may not be 75%, more likely the genes of a cocker spaniel may be similar to the genes of others breeds that Kelly does have in her. With only 60 breeds, it is really hard to say these tests are super accurate. However, they are still a lot of fun!

    I am hoping mine will say Shiva is a poodle. ;-)

    Kelly is super adorable and so patient putting up with all the fuss!

  6. We have a mixed breed rescue that became our 10 year old daughter's best friend after we lost everything in a whole house fire 2 years ago. Last weekend we were at the "Dog Show and Expo" and several times we received the comment "she's beautiful, are you showing her?"

    We'd just chuckle as Belle is too much of a clown to go that route (not to mention she's not a purebred). Our best guess is that she's a combo of yellow lab, greyhound and australian shepherd (both by looks and the fact that those are the most common street dogs in San Antonio) but we'd love to be able to test her DNA to find out. Either way, she's part of our family and we love her!

  7. well that DNA kit thingie is really super cool! hopefully, the kit peeps will keep addin' more doggie breeds so the kit can be even more accurate like!

    the booker man

  8. Well Kelly you are the most beautiful Cocker Spaniel I have ever seen.
    Do you think if I take the test I might just have a little Airedale in me so me and Stanzie would be a perfect match lol!!
    See Yea George xxx

  9. @MM you make a good point. And I'm sure you're having fun with those three marvelous mystery mutts!

  10. @Kristine I'm looking forward to Shiva's results too :)

  11. @Steve yellow lab, greyhound and australian shepherd sounds like a beautiful mix. Inside and out!

  12. @the booker man- Thanks for visiting and checking out the DNA kit :)

    @George the Lad- Kelly is flattered by your compliments and told me to tell you that she thinks you're a hunk!

  13. Bosco is one of our 3 dogs. We have a Dalmatian, and an Alaskan malamute and then there is bosco. He is extremely smart and it's almost as if you can just talk to him and he knows what you want. He is very shy with strangers. We would love to see what is all mixed in with him. We assume he is a border collie cross but out of curiosity we would like to know more. Plus being a dog trainer I can also recommend the test to others!

  14. Mom's friend did a DNA test on her doggie and it came back saying that she was a pit bull. Molly looks absolutely NOTHING like a pit bull, though, so we thought that was hysterical!

  15. Thank you everyone for entering! The winner is Amber Jackson. Congratulations! Please send me your contact information and mailing address. Thank you!


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