Friday, February 11, 2011

Kelly's Valentine's Day Contest!

Kelly has a Valentine's Day message she wants you all to see: Hug a Pet Today! Signs and stickers are one great way to share your message or get your pet cause or pet blog noticed. Recently, the super nice people at BuildASign contacted me and offered to send me some of their cool swag to review. I checked out their site and, once I took a look at all their excellent products...Sure! The best thing about this service is, you can customize yard signs, car window clings, bumper stickers and more to help raise awareness for your pet cause or pet blog. (Be sure to enter my contest, below!)
Megan from BuildASign sent me several great bumper stickers, and an awesome, HUGE banner to help promote my book.
Here's our reviews:
Product: 3 foot x 6 foot Banner
Ordering: Easy to use and customize.
Service: Fast delivery
Image Quality: Excellent. This is a very large size, and it came out crisp and clear. (High res photos work best)
Durability: Excellent. Banner feels almost like a tarp type material. I could definitely hang it outside. There are sturdy metal grommets on each corner.

Product: Bumper Stickers
Ordering: Easy to use and customize
Service: Fast delivery
Image Quality: Excellent. Use your own, or many designs available to choose from.
Durability: Excellent

*~*And now for the contest!*~*
I have 10 Hug a Pet Today! Bumper Stickers ready to give away. In addition, one winner will also receive a copy of the book Desiderata for Dog Lovers. Perfect for Valentine's Day, or a great gift for any dog lover. I'll select winners by randomizer. Kelly says please enter, these stickers are a nice way to remind others to give pets the love they deserve.

To enter:
1. Visit and check out their great products.
2. Leave a comment on this blog.
3. For an extra entry, follow this blog and leave another comment saying you followed.
4. For an extra extra entry, tweet about this contest and leave a comment saying you tweeted.

Winners will be announced on my blog on Valentine's Day.
(Thank you BuildASign People!)


  1. Just visited buildasign company, they do have many interesting products.
    Beautiful stickers and I love the 'Hug a Pet Today!' It means so much to the pets.

  2. I already followed this blog :)) and I would like to have a chance to read the book too!!!

  3. CindyLu would like to get one of those big plywood signs - and have it say "Adopt, don't shop!" BOL...great company!!

  4. Tweeted!!/CindylusMuse/status/36061606660018177

  5. What a great contest!
    I like the street signs! It would be neat to have one that read Newf Zone:)

  6. We are followers of Peggy's Pet Place:)

  7. My mom says Dachshunds do NOT tweet they BARK. hhehehe
    That Buildasign place is super duper!!!

  8. It's always fun visiting new website's and cool ideas! Thanks.

  9. I love it! I won't entery though since I just got some things from them. Have a great weekend!

  10. We like the idea of hug a pet every day, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  11. Very cool! Love the book banner! We checked out their site and we obviously love giving our Gus a hug!

  12. Checked the website and lots of cool signs! The "Hug a Pet Today" stickers are a "paw"some idea...especially after such recent tragedies as the 100 slaughtered sled dogs and the burned pit bull. Hopefully while hugging their own pets, others will see and emulate. What a great sticker!

  13. I am already an avid follower of your wonderful and interesting blog!

  14. Hug a pet day is awesome! I have no problem with that one!

  15. Kelly I'd give you a hug any day ;)
    See Yea George xxx
    Love the sticker to

  16. Looks like that company has some really cool ideas! I have been following for some time now. Now I am off to hug my Billy!

  17. shawnellewrites.blogspot.comFebruary 13, 2011 at 9:00 PM

    LOVE the banner! Awesome cool! Kelly, you are so cute!:)Fun contest!


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