Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Pet Roundup

Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup.

Jocelyn from has once again offered me a great product to review, and I can't wait to show you. It could be something for grooming, or travel, or play...I'm keeping it a secret for now. csnstores carries everything for pets: dog beds, cat trees, pet toys, aquariums, even rabbit hutches. And, when you're done browsing the pet supplies, check out something for the rest of the family too, such as outdoor playsets and things for spring!

Now, here are some facts about guinea pigs. (That's little me with my guinea pig, Gulliver.)

Guinea pigs:

1. are rodents, not pigs. (although some scientists now say they are a class of their own.)

2. squeak.

3. purr.

4. can swim.

5. can hop and jump.

I also thought I'd share with you some facts I learned while writing my Guideposts column, Pawsitively Pets.


1. are one of the smallest type of parrot.

2. don't need to be kept in pairs.

3. bond with their human parents.

4. like to cuddle.

5. love to clown around.


  1. I've never heard that guinea pigs can swim. That's so cool. I just assumed they were like other rodents. I never dumped my pet gerbils in the water, but I don't think they would have made it.

    I also assumed if you had one love bird, you needed to have two as they would be depressed if alone. Interesting all these assumptions aren't true!

  2. Great info! Wish I had known more about love birds when I had them. Glad I didn't know guinea pigs could swim, cause my boys would have put ours in the pool!

  3. Guinea pigs can PURR? Wow! If I remember correctly (childhood was a very long time ago), they have one very large tooth as well. I never had a guinea pig, but friends did and I wanted one, until I saw the tooth. Am I imagining this?

  4. i sure didn't know they can swim.. hehe.. thanks for the info Peggy :) and i always thought that lovebirds must be a pair... clueless.. i am so clueless.

  5. I had no idea you had a guinea pig!

    We see them sometimes at work, and boy they can squeel loud! Especially when they don't want to be still! I love their little faces!

  6. I think your Guinea Pig is lucky to live with someone that knows so much about what he would like and not like!!

    Hey guess what??? I got the coolest bumper sticker in the mail yesterday... and it has YOUR name on it. THANKS!!!!!

  7. @Kristine @Gloria @Anny When I was a teen, I used to put my guinea pigs in the sink in shallow water. (The long haired variety really needed a bath!) I'm not sure how well they would have done in a pool!

  8. @georgia little pea- Well, guinea pigs' two front teeth are larger, like many rodents. Maybe the one you saw as a child was missing a tooth? I suppose if the guinea pig didn't have anything to gnaw on, the tooth could have grown long. But it's not the norm.

  9. @Frankie Furter I'm glad you like your bumper sticker. Did you get a hug?

  10. What a great photo of you, Peggy. I had no idea guinea pigs could purr!

    P.S. We received our bumper sticker in the mail yesterday. LOVE the sticker photo of Kelly. She's now hanging on our fridge. :) Thank you!

  11. But you can't take either one for a walk. Although I'm very surprised by that swimming thing.

  12. I always had guinea pig's as pets when I was growing up I love the noise they make.
    Got you sticker today. thanks so much.
    Jan, George sends his love xxx

  13. That is the most darling picture, Peggy. And guinea pigs can swim? Very cool.
    I'm excited to share the lovebird info with Samuel. He's been making animals with balloons - lovebirds included!

  14. Love this photo of you!!! And also love your new social media icons on the top of the sidebar... It looks great, Peggy!

  15. I didn't know that stuff about guinea pigs and lovebirds... cool!

  16. I was told that a guinea pig's front teeth never stop growing and they need to keep them trimmed by gnawing. Is that true?

  17. @onepersonsview Yes,Guinea pigs do need to gnaw in order to keep their teeth from growing too long. But don't worry, if you provide them with the right materials, they will usually gnaw away and have no problem. (And, if necessary, a vet can shave the teeth.)

  18. @Alexis Thank you for the compliments. I told Kate I liked those big bold icons, and kept whining until she put them in for me!

  19. so cute. we are piggys
    Benny & Lily

  20. That is the cutest picture! Gulliver looks well loved. I think I have had over 30 piggies in my life. I just love them! But Tooey is my all time fave so far! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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