Monday, February 7, 2011

What's My Puppy?

After the recent success of the very fun Magical Mystery Mutt Tour blog hop, co-hosted by me, Will My Dog Hate Me, and I Still Want More Puppies, I realize that many people enjoy playing Guess That Dog Breed. So you may also enjoy this new website, What's My Puppy?

Started by Rick Thomas, a Columbus based web designer and animal lover, and inspired by his rescued shelter dog, Miley (pictured), What's My Puppy? helps people determine the breed of their pound puppies. Best of all, the site also donates quarterly to the registered shelter with the most participation points.

What's My Puppy offers users the chance to vote and comment on what they think the breed may be of any of the many puppies posted on the site. Users can even find out what their mystery breed pup may be through comments posted by other site users.

Fifteen percent of the site's advertising profits are donated to various shelters. In this way What's My Puppy? is raising not only awareness for homeless puppies, but actual dollars to help place more of the millions of homeless puppies.


  1. I'm wondering what my Mika is and find the game is getting more and more interesting now : )

  2. I'll has to check dat out! It was fun guessing Kelly but in da end it don't really matters...but STILL fun.


  3. It is a cute gamefor agood cause
    Benny & Lily

  4. Ooohhh...very cool. Maybe this site will help me learn more breeds. I was horrific at guessing during the hop!

    And yes, the tour was a fabulous fun! Thanks again for hosting!

  5. Very cool! We want to visit that site! Trixie is a mystery puppy herself. :)

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  7. Nifty idea, and I love the fact that shelters benefit from the proceeds!


  8. That's a wonderful idea and we are so glad the shelters will benefit! Lots of love, Holly and mom

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