Friday, April 15, 2011

Blog the Change and Bark for Life, a canine event to fight cancer

My ten-year old yellow lab Hudson was soft, mellow in his old age, devoted, and had a large, serious growth on his right side. Although never officially diagnosed, it was likely some form of cancer. (Hudson pictured, left. He loved the water!)

Sadly, most of us have been touched by cancer in some way--ourselves, a friend, family member or a special pet. That's why I've chosen the American Cancer Society's Bark for Life, a canine event to fight cancer, as my Blog the Change cause today. The American Cancer Society not only supports research to find cures, but also promotes numerous programs to help us get well, stay healthy, and fight back.

Held on April 16 as part of the Relay for Life, Bark for Life not only helps raise money for the cause, but also participants get great exercise by walking along with their dog. Bark for Life is taking place all across the country. Would you like to participate? Just enter your zip code to find a Bark for Life event near you!

I hope you share the word about Bark for Life. And also, be sure to visit the many blogs participating in Blog the Change today. Share, read and comment around the blog circuit about animal causes near and dear to our hearts.

If you want to participate in Blog the Change by posting a cause and/or committing to a specific, hands-on action for animals in need within your local community, here's how:

1. Grab the badge.
2. Post to your blog.
* Make a fresh commitment to act on behalf of animals
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* Spread the word
3. Add your link. (Add your post URL — not a link to your main domain – so other animal supporters can find your cause.)
4. Visit others on the list, tell your Twitter (hashtag #BtC4animals), Facebook and email friends about your post too!


  1. Peggy - am I correct in assuming that this is an event to raise awareness about cancer in humans (not canine cancer)? That it's an event like Relay for Life only the participants walk with their dogs? I just want to make sure I understand it correctly. Thanks!

  2. Great event to support. Cancer is just as bad in pets as it is in humans and more research is needed to find the cures for both. And thanks again for the Blog the Change reminder.

  3. What a neat idea. I do the Relay for Life every year, wonder if Koly & Fe woulf be welcome at our local event. Thanks for postng!

  4. Thanks for introducing me to Bark for Life. I found the date for the event in my area!

    Love that handsome photo of Hudson!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog YEars

  5. I will look that up in my area! Thanks! Gloria

  6. What an amazing event! I will be sure to check it out!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Excellent cause to support! Cancer has always been close to my heart. Thank you for the information on Bark for Life, I checked and there doesn't seem to be any events for that in my area but there is a lot of the other Relays!

  8. What a great idea! I don't know anyone who hasn't been affected by cancer. If not in their friends and family members, then certainly in their pets. Unfortunately it is something that hurts us all, sometimes multiple times. This event sounds like a fun and yet important way to raise money and spread awareness.

  9. Bark for Life sounds wonderful. Who hasn't been touched by cancer in some way - either human or canine. Either way, it's nice to have your best friend by your side when you're feeling down - and especially when you're up for a Relay for Life!

    Thanks for Blogging the Change!
    Kim from

  10. Cancer is a true multi-species enemy that we must defeat! Thanks for raising the awareness and thanks for all you do!

  11. What a great post! Thank you for sharing!

  12. I think I have heard of that Bark for Life. I believe that had a walk near me. That sounds like a wonderful thing to do. I wish they had more research for cancer in cats. Thanks for telling us about this idea.

  13. Thank you for sharing this great cause! Cancer has, unfortunately, touched us all. So great and important to get our dogs involved in the fight as well!

  14. Our area is having a Bark for Life event this weekend! Thanks for spreading the word on such a great cause.

  15. Such an important cause. My mother is a cancer survivor and one of my late dogs, Sandy, had developed massive tumors on her chest, which we believe was a form of cancer. What a great event...thank you for sharing it.

  16. just tweeted and Facebooked this...this is an extremely important cause and thank you for featuring it. When I was little we had a wonderful Boxer who I believe was responsible for the beginning of my love of animals. Her name was Brandy and she was a fabulous dog. Sadly, she passed of cancer in her mouth at the waaaay too young age of 7.

  17. Peggy! Bark for Life is such a great cause..and what is wonderful is that this research for cancer in dogs is more often than not applicable to humans - two for one:) Thanks for spreading the word and blogging the change!


  18. Thank you for the visit and the encouragement.

    I lost my dad to cancer, so I can relate, this illness is simply horrible and very unfair. Thank you for sharing this cause, I hope something can be done both for people and animals.

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