Monday, April 25, 2011

Doggy Makeover-- Before and After

Kelly: "Do I hafta?"

Yup! It had to happen: bath day. Kelly does not take too kindly to getting glammed up. We usually bathe Kelly ourselves, because Kelly doesn't like the sound and feel of the blow dryer. So we give her time to air dry (and rub her with lots of towels) before her appointment.

Then comes a visit from the mobile groomer, Melissa from TransFURmations Mobile Pet Spa. Melissa is so accommodating, working around whatever works best for the dog.Here's the van.

Melissa gets right to work. There is lots of hair coming off! Kelly's just a bit stressed!

Done! "I woof you, Melissa!"

Kelly's paws before

Kelly's paws after

Kelly before

Kelly after. Doesn't she look pretty?! (and about 10 lbs lighter!)


  1. Just beautiful! Love those mobile groomers!

  2. It's good for a girl to get gussied up. She's a cutie.

  3. You look soooo pretty after your pampering, a lot cooler too! Dex & Louis x

  4. You look great after the bath, Kelly! I'm sure you smell like powder and perfume too!!!

  5. Kelly looks great! Bella's due for a bath soon too... we do them at home too, so I understand! Always an adventure.

  6. Kelly looks perfect. I give high marks to your groomer.

  7. A mobile groomer would SO simplify my life.

  8. hey Kelly,

    You look gorgeous! And your paws look fabulous! I don't like baths or hair dryers either, so I am furry impressed at your patience while Melissa performed her magic. And are those flowers on your hair, in the pic with Melissa? Lovely!


  9. Kelly looks very beautiful! It is amazing how much that fur makes them look heavier. Gorgeous! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  10. She looks beautiful!

    Your pal, Pip

  11. So cute. Thanks for sharing, I wish I could get my kitties groomed like that, but no one here grooms cats.

  12. Kelly looks like the saddest dog *ever* in the bathtub :O But it was all worth it! She's looking very glam with her new haircut.

  13. Kelly you are beautiful I'm gald she didn't take your lovely face hair away ;)
    You will be cooler for the hot summer we are going to have, yes you heard it from me first ;)
    Just hope I'm right lol!!!
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx

  14. Oh Kelly, you look so beautiful! What an angel.

  15. I bet now that the summer heat is coming that will feel great.

  16. how often does kelly get a bath? doesn't sound like it's too often, lucky girl!

    poor georgia gets a hosedown just about every day! that's what comes from being allergic to stuff in parks and rolling in and eating possum poop and other dead things.

    love seeing so many dogs get their first spring baths and grooming sessions in blogland :)

  17. I love that you hired a mobile groomer because I think this service is so convenient for pets and their owners. No driving to and from the vet, no begging a dog to get in and out of the car at the vet's/groomer's office, etc. Kelly looks very happy with her new "do"!


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