Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Pet Roundup

Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup! I came across this photo and it made me smile--my yellow lab Hudson, when he was but a pup. Hudson went over the Rainbow Bridge 5 years ago.

* Today, I'm celebrating some extremes in the pet world. Here is Einstein, the world's smallest pony less than 20 inches tall!

Photo (c) Barcroft Media via The Mail Online.

* And this, from Life with Dogs, the 128 lbs overweight dog, a sadly obese collie-mix.

photo (c) Minikin

* And finally, a lovesick goose. This Assignment America video is at first kind of odd, but then I'm struck by how sweet it is. I especially am touched by the part at the end, where Maria tries to fly off chasing her best friend as he drives off on his scooter.

* I was unable to connect with the first place winner of the DNA Kit, so the kit now goes to the second place winner: Vicky! Please send me your mailing information. Congratulations!

*Don't forget to Blog the Change Friday!


  1. Congrats Vicky!!!

    Wow....that dog really is obese :(

  2. I do like that little pony though, I could ride that all through the house!

  3. Video didn't work for me, oh well. Poor fluffy dog. Love the little horse!

  4. Congratulations to Vicky! I've seen Einstein before. He is adorable!


  5. Great pictures Peggy! The one of the overweight dog just makes me sad, but the little pony made me smile:)

  6. Dat collie is pitiful and I can only be lead to blame da owner and in my opinion dat should be considered abuse. Sorry, didn't mean to go balbbin'...but da pony is too adorable...I wanna pony nows.


  7. Cute doggys. Congrats to Ms. Vicki
    Benny & Lily

  8. What a sweetheart Hudson was. Love that name too! ;-) The goose video was just amazing...had to share that one!

  9. The pic of Hudson is adorable. And is that pony for real? Poor, poor obese dog. :(

  10. Sweet photo of lab. Those dogs are so photogenic. And thanks for the Blog the Change reminder. This is the first I've heard of it, but will defiantly be participating.

  11. Hi Remington here! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like that pic of the big doggie and little pony....cute! BTW -- I am going to follow, not around your kitchen....just in Blogland! I hope we can be great friends!

  12. That collie mix breaks my heart! That is so uncool of the owner... totally unacceptable. Poor pup- I understand his goal weight is 40lbs!

  13. Aw, I love that photo of Hudson.

    So sad about the obese dog though. :(

  14. What a sweet story of affection for Maria and Dom!

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