Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Disc Is It! A Look at a Natural Flea and Tick Remedy

Kwit Yer Itchin' Week continues with Disc Is It! A look at one natural alternative to repel fleas and ticks.
No one wants to put potentially harmful pesticides on their pet. But how do we combat those pesky flea and ticks? Are there effective natural remedies? What about an antiparsite disc? This is a small, gold colored lightweight aluminum disc "charged" with electromagnetic and scale waves that it claims to repel fleas and ticks. The literature states that the waves "create a protective field" and is "95% effective" on any cat or dog of any weight.

provided me with a free disc to try in exchange for my honest opinion. I tried the disc on Kelly. It is lightweight and attaches to her collar easily. Kelly generally does not get fleas, but we have a large problem with ticks in our area. Kelly wore the disc for 2 weeks.

Did the CatanDog antiparasite disc work?
To be honest, I'm not convinced. Even though I found no ticks on my dog after 2 weeks, to make a more accurate test I would have to try the disc for the entire season, and then if Kelly remains tick-free all season I might be less skeptical. Most importantly, I found no scientific evidence that this type of electromagnetic therapy works. As much as I may want to believe in something so safe and easy, it is difficult to put my faith in something like this without substantiation.

Here is what I can say for sure about the CatanDog antiparasite disc:
*The disc is free from chemicals and safe to handle.
*It is light and unobtrusive and your pet should have no problem wearing it.
*The disc is cost-effective compared to months/years of topical flea and tick treatments.
*Your pet most likely won't get any side effects from it.

*The treatment is not scientifically supported as being effective.


  1. Sounds like a good idea but as you say only time would tell, it would be great if it did work rather than continual chemicals but I'm sceptical tbh, thanks for the interesting info xxx

  2. It is indeed an interesting concept but I don;t thinks I could put much faith in it. Especially since where we lives we has TONS of fleas. Our vet said last season was da worsest they had evers seen.


  3. There's something new in the market!

  4. Interesting... but I don't think we' trust it either...

  5. Natural would sure be great if it works!

  6. Hmmm... I don't know that I trust this to work either. Mostly for the same reason flea collars don't work. This will only cover the area around the animal's neck. My cat currently has issues around the butt area.

    It would be great if natural worked but I am not so sure this is the product!

  7. Last year we tried a similar product called Shoo Tag. It was also supposed to be charged with electromagnetic powers that repelled fleas and ticks. It didn't seem to help our dogs at all.

  8. It sounds great, but I wouldn't trust it either, not without scientific evidence. Thanks for doing the test, I would have never heard of this product without your website.

  9. Thank you for this fabulous and HONEST review.

    I appreciate when people like yourself take the time to give us the pros and cons of something and allow us to decide what we think.

    I have enormous respect for your opinion and appreciate a review that isn't gushing just because the reviewer was given the product to test.


  10. Forget that silly disc! Kelly's collar is looking a little rough. Come over to the site and pick out a new one for Miss Kelly.

    DM me on twitter to tell me what you want or if you need help choosing one.

  11. I have some news for you folks. This disc patent is now under British company GoldStar and renaimed as the Pet Protector medallion. It's the same disc only improved with nanotechnology and it does have scientific proof of effectiveness. Besides, I am using it on my dog for 8 months now and he hasn't got a single tick or flea since then. I understand you are not convicted, since it sounds too good to be true and it's technology is so advanced, but it's the 21st century, science is developing :) So instead of speculating whether it works or not, you simply try it and see for yourself. You'll just regret you didn't get it sooner. Here's the website to review and order original patent:


    Other chemical anti-parasite products provide up to maximum 90 % effectiveness.

    .........Compared with other anti-parasite products that have to be applied over and over every few months, Pet Protector is your pet's guardian for a 2 year period. If you compare how much money you would have to spend for another product in a 2 year period, Pet Protector costs 5 times less!

    Pet Protector is NON-TOXIC and contains NO CHEMICAL elements.
    Pet Protector helps better blood circulation and therefore strengthens the immune system and initiates detoxification!


    . Protect your loved ones today !!!

  13. Pet Protector disc is designed for external use. Pet Protector disc is one of the safest treatments against ticks and fleas.

    Pet Protector is over 95% effective, which is proven for at least up to 2 years, after which it should be replaced.

    We know that Pet Protector works and has a 95% effectiveness.
    Please read the documents in the Scientific Research & Innovation Section

  14. I am currently in an email exchange with the Pet Protector people after having just been given one by a friend who has "bought into" the scheme. My email below is my latest response to them. Once I receive some information worth passing on I will do so.

    Dear Support Team

    Thank you once again for your prompt reply. I have, in my effort to exhaust the internet for an unbiased opinion on Pet Protector, come across the documents and websites you have been kind enough to forward on to me. The supposed scientific research conducted by the reputable veterinarian university in Spain smells of Catandog/Pet Protector funded research. It hardly seems to be independent and strangely any search of the name of the Director of the Research - Professor Jose Alberto Rodriguez Rodriguez elicits nothing but a direct link to the document you have attached. Similarly a search for anyone quoted as being part of the investigations team - Mr Jose Luis Arranz Gil or Ms Paloma Sgimon Escobeds. I have yet been unable to find any scientists who have reviewed this study - every single search for anything associated with it leads me directly to a website with the words "Pet Protector" or "catandog" in it. Particularly clever marketing.

    I did however come across this evaluation which states that the Catandog disc had no significant effect upon egg production, egg viability, or adult fleas infesting cats. In addition there was no difference in the numbers of fleas recovered from the cats placed in the flea-infested room.

    Thank you also for the information on how Scalar waves work - I'm not a physicist so trying to interpret what it says just goes over my head and I'm sure it does many laymen who are unable to understand the "magic" of how a magnetic field can protect their pets from disaster.

    Obviously you came up with a pretty amazing business model to be able to sell 20 million aluminium discs worldwide. All those "satisfied customer" testimonials seem to come from those who have signed up to what appears to be a pyramid selling scheme and have made themselves some money on the side. Given that there is only a 30 day money back guarantee it's a fail safe way to make a buck as their pet will be protected for that entire 30 day period because of the treatments they've had to apply prior to using the disc - which coincidentally, usually last 30 days.

    I have requested more information about the safety of the discs from my vet and some local consumer advocacy groups. I look forward to receiving some feedback from my vet particularly as here in Australia right now we have a paralysis tick epidemic and they are seeing pets in their practice each day dying from the effects of a paralysis tick.

    Once again, if you are able to direct me to some unbiased opinions/reviews on the discs I would be most happy to read them.

  15. Haveyoutriedit,

    Just wondering did anybody ask for Scientific proof with Advantage or Frontline and all the other products out there?

  16. @ Anonymus who wrote a long letter about email exchange with Pet Protector company. They have never claimed that this disc prevents an egg production. It REPELS external parasites,prevents them to come to the pet, but it does not kill them or their larvae. As for your last sentence: "if you are able to direct me to some unbiased opinions/reviews on the discs I would be most happy to read them." How would you believe any reviews that the company sends you? You'll always say they wrote it themselves or paid someone to do it. I just can't believe how skeptic you can be to something which saves your pet from being poisoned with chemical products.
    There are so many people out there who are 100 % satisfied with PP disc and I am one of them. My Nicky does not have fleas or ticks for 9 months now.

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  20. I have been using this product for like 5 month, it's working really nice. I was VERY sceptic about this product so i decide to give it a chance..And quess what? Not a single tick for my Goldy (my dog name)
    So yeah, i recomend it for sure.

  21. , Peggy please educate yourself on a topic before putting false things about that topic first of all there's never been a product that has been tested in just 2 weeks and come up with any findings it takes 3 months what topical solutions to work so why would it only takes 2 weeks for the pet protector to work secondly you say that there is no scientific evidence well there is this is the 21st century and I do use 21st century technology what just called nanotechnology combined with skallum waves I hope you take my advice and investigate this because what you're using now is very dangerous for your dogs organs and especially their liver, now let's talk price it cost between 15 dollars and 30 dollars H month for these topical solutions that are very dangerous for your animals in 2 years you pay between 360 and 720 dollars depending on which product you use that is a savings of 300 dollars to 660 dollars depending on which product you use after you educate yourself you can email me

  22. 1 thing I forgot to mention If this father does not work Why have they been 20,000,000 sold around the world and over 90 percent of those purchased the customers are happy

  23. I was sent an email about earning money selling pet protector. I decided to do a little research regarding it's effectiveness. Thank you for your blog it is always good to find an unbiased and unscripted opinion. Working as a freelance writer I know that many people get hired to infiltrate blogs and put their so called convincing positive opinions on them.

    Milena you are not very convincing your poor grammar is a give away.

  24. Sadly, I was suckered into joining Pet Protector with the promise of chemical free protection for my dogs. I had some success for the first few months however, after that my dog developed fleas. When I contacted the company to tell them that the disc had failed the only response was that I must have used the disc incorrectly.

    I explained that I did in fact use it exactly as described and went higher up in the pet protector organisation. I wasted my time as their response was exactly the same propoganda that I received from Milena. I went to my upline and discovered that she was so disillusioned with the company she left. This product does not do as they claim. The literature all says it works for all dogs & cats regardless of health, age, weight or size however Pet Protector told me after several emails that if my dog was over 20 kgs then I would need to use 2 discs. They are making it up as they go and there is absolutely no support for members who are not satisfied in the performance of the disc. This company is a scam as far as I am concerned and everyone would do well to stay away from them!

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  27. I have been using a pet protector disc on my dog for 9 months now (from June 2012) and am amazed that it actually is working great for us. I was very sceptical, but am confident in recommending the discs now that I have my own evidence of it working. I became a distributor a month after trialling the disc, and have feedback on my website from happy customers

  28. Why are you all son hyped on Science. Science says vaccines wont hurt my children YET I have a vaccine damaged child. And the front line you are using is dangerous to you animals. I have not tried this Pet protector so I have no input as to if it works I just think its funny how if some scientist or the government tells you it works you all run out and believe it. Wake up these pharma companies and doctors vets etc dont always have your best interest in mind.

  29. I use the Pet Protector Disc with full success. The way the disc works is that your pet needs to be flea and flea egg free first. If you use a product from a vet that does not kill the flea eggs you need to either buy one that does or give it 21 days at least for them to hatch and the product to kill off the newly hatched fleas. When your pet is totally cleaned of fleas and their eggs that's when the disc will work! The disc takes at least 21 days to be fully activated putting a barrier around the pet that the fleas do not like and will not land. So it is best to put the disc on along with the last monthly treatment of the chemically based product to completely kill fleas and flea eggs and newly hatch fleas first.Then the Pet Protector Disc will be activated and protect the pet for 2 years. My Boston Terrier has had hers on for 8 months now with full results. I will not use anything else.


  30. I use the Pet Protector Disc with full success. The way the disc works is that your pet needs to be flea and flea egg free first. If you use a product from a vet that does not kill the flea eggs you need to either buy one that does or give it 21 days at least for them to hatch and the product to kill off the newly hatched fleas. When your pet is totally cleaned of fleas and their eggs that's when the disc will work! The disc takes at least 21 days to be fully activated putting a barrier around the pet that the fleas do not like and will not land. So it is best to put the disc on along with the last monthly treatment of the chemically based product to completely kill fleas and flea eggs and newly hatch fleas first.Then the Pet Protector Disc will be activated and protect the pet for 2 years. My Boston Terrier has had hers on for 8 months now with full results. I will not use anything else. I feel people trust vets to much like doctors they are there to help you and your pet BUT they also bring in products that are sold for a profit as well as any business. So when something new comes along as specially if it is either natural or chemical free they will not give a good review on the other companies products so they will not in the future cut in on their profits. Just listen closely to any drug commercial and hear the scary side effects that is just what they want you to know. I have had one of my own dogs get sick from a vets prescribed product. With the Pet Protector disc I will not have to worry about my dog or people around her getting sick.

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  32. Actually, yes. There is plenty of scientific proof supporting the efficacy of the chemicals in Advantage and Frontline. Shall I go to PubMed and find them for you or will you take off the blinders and do it yourself. Don't make snarky comments without something to back them up.

  33. If a metal disc repelled fleas then why do you need a pyramid scheme to sell them? any idiot that believes that a dog tag will repel bugs is a space cadet.. show a video of the disc being dropped into a bin of fleas and them being repelled and some might buy it. what a load of crap!

  34. Your letter is among the best on this subject. Did you ever receive anything useful from the company, your vet or consumer groups? Please post an update!

  35. While I am disenchanted about the business model (pyramid scheme?) and marketing techniques, in the end, my dogs and I are really just interested in the product's effectiveness. Does it work as advertised? Do you need 2 discs for pets weighing over 45 lbs? Does it last 4 years? And, from a practical point of view, I would like to find a USA reseller to reduce the shipping costs. Seems strange that they are not sold here.

  36. As with all products, you have to follow the directions, and sadly too many don't, as is the case here reading comments. Pet Protector is a repellent, not a killer of fleas and ticks like all the poisons and toxic products do.

    Simply put, you have to attack flea problems from all angles, not just by getting a Pet Protector which will only work in the long term, not short term given flea eggs and larvae take many weeks to run their course, never mind the fleas which are in your home or in your yard.

    I work in the science field of magnetic and scalar energy and have seen what specific radio frequencies can do to alter the environment we live in. I can kill fleas be simply directing a specific radio frequency in infected areas with no harm to pets or humans, but I would not use it on pets directly, only pets bedding and rugs and furniture. Very effective, but not many would spend several thousand dollars on technology. lol

    The point is, nanotechnology is very powerful new science to most, and scalar waves do exist, and can be measured, which is why this product interested me given my Max got hit with fleas for the first time in his nine years of life. Being allergic as well, he cried all day and night and got exhausted from scratching and biting, so I jumped on this product knowing I would not use the poisons and toxic products sold commercially. Simply put, product worked for Max, but it took weeks to get control over problem, and sadly most expect instant results and then complain.

    And for those who spout out pyramid, most cannot even explain what a pyramid is, as in Bernie Madoff deal. Direct referral marketing of a viable product is not a pyramid, period. Pet Protector is the perfect product for referral marketing for how many people would pay the price off the shelf of their pet store. But if product worked as it has for me, it only made sense to refer others, even without a referral commission, I would still be sharing my results, now four months later and flea free.

  37. This is an absolutely rubbish product. Had done all the necessary steps before putting and after as well. Did not remove the medal at all from my dog still she has been invested with ticks and flees. I had put the medal in June and in just under 3 months the ticks are back and in a large number. Great way to fool people. Never waste your money on this utterly rubbish product.

  38. If it lasts for 2 years why am I constantly seeing it advertised as lasting for 4 years??

  39. If it lasts for 2 years why am I constantly seeing it advertised as lasting for 4 years?!?

  40. They came out with their 4 year disc July 1, 2013

  41. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. they took $4000 from me and now im left with nothing!!! DO NOT JOIN!!!!

  43. I was using Frontline on my Pomeranians and a few months ago, the day after applying it, my one Pom had a seizure. The vet ruled out everything else because he was otherwise healthy, so we could attribute this only to a reaction to the toxic chemicals in the topical flea treatment. I researched for 4 months for an alternative product and found this Pet Protector disc was being widely used in Europe. I desperately wanted to try it, but couldn't find someone in the US who was distributing them. In the mean time, one of my clients (I do small doggy day care/boarding in my home) brought fleas into my house! Once again, I had to use the Frontline because I could not have that situation in my home with other people's dogs coming here! Sure enough, my one Pom got sick again, this time vomiting for an entire week! That was the last straw. I was determined not to continue poisoning my beloved pets. I contacted someone in Europe who connected me with a woman in NC and I was able to purchase the discs. My 2 Pomeranians have been wearing them now for 2 months with no problems. It is completely safe for them as well as for me (I no longer have to expose myself to the topical chemicals). I was so impressed with this technology, that I became a rep for the company because I want to help other pet owners save their pets from these harsh and dangerous chemicals.

    Full disclosure...I have a medical background of 25 years as well as being Past President of Long Island Cat Fancier's Club. No, I am not a quantum physicist, but I searched for a way to explain this technology to people who are interested but skeptical. First, I explain that it is just like when you hold 2 opposing magnets towards each other. You can't SEE the force field, but you can definitely FEEL it, right? They push off each other, or REPEL each other. That is the same force that is created between the Pet Protector Disc which is charged with scalar waves when it interacts with the magnetic field of the earth's gravity. That "force field" is created around your pet and you may not SEE it, but those little buggers can certainly FEEL it and they are REPELLED off you dog, cat, horse or self (I wear a disc since I am a dog trainer and am exposed to many, many dogs at the training center and I don't want to bring any "pests" home with me either!)

    Secondly, I found a video from MIT's Physic's Department which explains the "how" behind how this technology works. It is based on a physic's law called "Lenz Law" (which is a "law" similar to the "law of gravity"--it cannot be disputed). Here is the link for you to view:

    Lastly, the disc pictured above, the gold one, is the OLD disc, which was good for only 2 years. The owners of Pet Protector separated from that company, which is based in India, because it created a new, improved and PATENTED disc, the silver one, which is good for 4 years. The gold disc is under the company name of CatsAnDogs and they are a shady company now that they are on their own. Do NOT purchase a disc from them because it is not the same quality as the Patented Pet Protector Disc! Pet Protector is made by a company called Goldstar, Inc. and is located in the UK. This is THE only one any one should buy. If you see a gold disc for sale, run the other way because it is not effective.

    On a final note, in order for the disc to be 96.67% effective, you must be certain that your pet is currently FREE from fleas and ticks to start. This is a "holistic" type of treatment and is not meant to "kill" any existing parasites. This is a "preventive" treatment for keeping your pet free from future fleas, ticks, mites, mosquitoes, etc... Consumers need to understand HOW to use this properly for the best results possible.

    If you would like to contact me, you can visit: for more information. I am here to help answer any questions you may have.

  44. I used the gold disc on my dog and it worked great for 18 months and then she started to get fleas. Since I only spent 50.00 on 18 months, I really feel it was good for the money. I am not a representative, but am thinking about becoming one that tells the truth. I don't see the gold one lasting 2 years or the silver one lasting 4 years, but only time will tell. I am going to investigate it some more and see if anyone else has tested it like myself. We live on a farm and I have 3 dogs. I purchased 2 discs at the time and the other dog went to live with my daughter in the city. She said he STILL does not have fleas.

  45. Samantha SmalpageMay 28, 2014 at 9:09 PM

    The pet protector disc is the worst scam I have ever come across because it puts animals at risk. My dad loves his hippie natural medicine, personally I think its ridiculous, but he bought this disc for our dog, that is meant to emit an - and I quote "earthly magnetic field" to protect your dog against fleas and ticks. This is absolute BS. In 4 weeks we have removed over 20 ticks from our dog. And its not even tick season, and we don't live in the bush. There is a reason trained and certified Vet's warn against this. If you believe in this apparent magnetic field that is being emitted from a piece of metal, then I hope you realise that you are putting your dogs life at risk, and its completely on you if it passes away from tick paralysis.


Kelly and Ike say thank you for your comments!