Monday, May 16, 2011

How to Get Rid of Snakes

This is what Kelly does to snakes.
We have snakes in our yard. Lots. And a very small back yard. They're called ribbon snakes and if you ask me, they are about 8 foot long and as thick as a flag pole, but my husband contends they are about 2 foot long at best.

I don't like snakes. They skeeve me out. Some people tell me to leave the snakes alone, they eat bugs and rodents and which would you rather have?
Me: bugs and rodents.
Some people even like snakes.
Me: ????

Ribbon snakes are said to eat frogs and slugs and I do notice that we no longer have any frogs and slugs around. Frogs are actually kind of cute, and slugs are slimy but at least not scary. So, I want to get rid of the snakes. They might bite Kelly. They might bite me. They slither. 'Nuff said.

Here are some ways to repel or discourage snakes:
1. keep your grass trimmed (as you can tell by the following photos, we were overdue for a mowing.)
2. remove piles of wood or stones where snakes can hide
3. get rid of their food source
4. try mothballs
5. hire a professional snake handler to remove the beasts

All I have is a snake-hunting dog who thinks that snakes are playthings or interesting stuffies, and swings them about like a cowboy. Here is Kelly with her friend.

me running away

So, my questions are:
* Will Ribbon snakes bite Kelly?
* What ways have you found successful to get rid of snakes?
* Is there a way to repel them without them getting the idea in their snaky brains that they should find a crack in our 100 yr old house and come on inside?
* Should I try to get rid of the snakes, or learn to live peacefully together?


  1. I'm not coming over to your house anymore!

  2. Yikes! I have no tips, but I hope Kelly does not get bit!! Stay brave!

  3. I've seen some in our yard, but we don't go outside, and hopefully they never come in!

  4. Great photos, Peg! Living out in the woods, we see them a lot. :-0

  5. hey Kelly,

    That is what I do to snakes - flip them around in the air! But if my human at catches me doing that I get a firm, "No!" Snakes aren't so bad. They are afraid of me because when I bark at them they try to get as far away as possible. I think they know I want to toss them in the air.

    Love the "me running away" photo!


  6. Oh I bet my dog, Onyx, would think that the snake was coming over fora play date!!!!!

  7. The last wild snake I saw was a tiny gardner that I actually picked up and saved from some boys who were going to slowly torture it. It grossed me out, but I couldn't stand by and watch them hurt an animal. I say just learn to live with them. As long as they aren't poisonous or in your home, live and let live.

  8. Kelly is just like Thunder. He loves to snag a snake and toss it in the air. Mom freaks when she sees him with one. We all just keep our paws crossed he doesn't ever get bit.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. Snakes gives me the shivers... i rather have slimy slugs and frogs anytime.

    We do use sulfur powder to repel snakes here. Though we do not usually see snakes in the garden, when we do... it is usually pretty big.. and it sends big shivers down my spine. That's when we call the fire dept. They usually come in their smaller van to get the snakes.

  10. This brought me back many years to our dog Sasha "the snake killer". My dad had purchased a property that had been vacant for sometime. There was a large overgrown yard and it was infested with snakes. We learned quickly to not go wandering without her. This went on for quite some time and none of us, including Sasha, were ever bitten. It was grab, swing and snap...and they were dead. She was amazing at it, and from the pics it looks like Kelly is too! Sasha really helped get snake management to a reasonable level.

  11. The last time I saw a snake, my last Cocker was a pup and running toward it way back in the country! I took off running because I didn't want Alex to get bit and it got me. It tried for my hand and missed, coiled up again and got my ankle. It was either a Rattlesnake or a Copperhead which was native to that area. I drove myself home to let the dogs out, drove to the hospital and staggered in. They kept me for the day doing tests and finally let me go. I know if Holly was to see one in our yard, she would go for it and I can't run anymore. I have to keep the grass really short and am on the lookout for them all of the time. Me....I hate snakes and ticks with a passion!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  12. Wow, these are some great stories from all you who had to deal with snakes.
    Suka, Thunder and Onyx, you are brave!
    That is great the Sasha protected everyone so well.
    And Debbie, I'm so sorry you got bit, that is scary. I hope Holly stays away from those snakes.


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