Monday, May 23, 2011

Kwit Yer Itchin'

Flea and tick season is here, and I wanted to learn everything I can about these critters and how to keep them off my pets. So, this week, during Kwit Yer Itchin' Week, we'll do just that!

First, here are some facts about fleas and ticks from webMD:

*there are 2,200 kinds of fleas
*ticks can lie in the grass without feeding for more than a year, just waiting to jump on your pet's leg (or your own leg!) as you pass by.
*fleas can jump 10,000 times in a row
*fleas and ticks are blood suckers (yuck!)

How your pet contracts fleas:
*neighbor dogs or cats
*infected rugs or bedding
*wildlife (even in urban areas). Your pet doesn't have to come in contact with wildlife, they can leave behind fleas and flea eggs just by walking through your yard.

Visit again tomorrow and we'll begin discussing some preventatives and treatments. Bring your questions, too!


  1. Oh we hate them buggers!!!!

  2. Say no to flea bugs!
    Benny & Lily

  3. Peggy, I hate bugs. My friend's dog scratched constantly and they discovered food allergies, wheat.

  4. Great info on fleas! Fleas are one of my worst fears and I do all I can to keep them away from the dogs!

  5. Thanks for reminding me about those little creatures! they are really nasty.
    I use Frontline Combo for Eva and Mika.

  6. Ick! We hate fleas! We went for a walk in Washington Park yesterday and mom made sure to check me over (and over and over) for ticks bc there was some high grassy areas I went into. NO ticks!

  7. I am itching just thinking about them....

  8. I have learned to fight fleas as soon as I see just one. So far this year we haven't had any.

  9. These are other bugs dat makes mum wanna hurl just by thinkin' of 'em!
    We is on flea preventative year round and treat da yard...though I wondersif treating da yard does any good since da neighbors dont treat theirs.


  10. Fleas and ticks are so annoying! We are already seeing ticks but have not noticed any fleas yet.

    K and Suka

  11. I think the best way to prevent fleas & ticks is to give me more toys and cookies. Well, that's my plan at least. I have no idea if it'll work, but it sounds good...

  12. We hate fleas and ticks very much!! We use Frontline Plus and hope it keeps working. Lots of love, Holly & Mom

  13. Ugh, fleas. The bane of our existence for the past year. The cat is so highly sensitive and just can't shake them. No matter what sprays and medications we use. I look forward to reading your advice!

  14. Daisy has been itching for different reasons; she has allergies which has caused her ears to be irritated so I looked up an anti-fungal recipe that will help get rid of the fungus and itchiness! I mixed 4 ingredients and so far she has scratched a bit less!

  15. Boo on fleas! I'm itching just thinking about it...

  16. Thanks for the information. Don't forget, fleas cause worms in our pets, too. Too bad we can't just get rid of all the fleas, do we really need them anyway?


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