Friday, June 17, 2011

A Cool Breeze for your dog

How does your dog handle the heat? Kelly, who is nearly 10 now, doesn't do so well. She has a few cool hiding spots like behind the recliner and under the table on the porch. So recently, when we were asked to review a product from In Style Dog, a shopping site with modern, stylish and luxury dog beds, furniture and accessories, we chose the Cool Breeze by K&H.

Cool Breeze is a dog platform/chair/bed, supported on a frame that unfolds like those handy portable chairs you take with you to parks and baseball games. In fact, it all folds up neatly into it's own carrying sleeve. The elevated bed is great. Kelly's always jumping up on the furniture, so why not give her something of her own to jump up onto?

The fabric is super strong, featuring the "award winning Cool Bed, which utilizes a unique central core that diverts liquid, cooling the pad from the inside out." All you do is fill the reservoir with water. The result is a squishy, gel-like, cool surface for reclining. Ahhhhh.

The cover is pretty heavy once you fill it with water. I was worried that the legs would collapse under the weight, but they were plenty strong to hold it up, and 36 lb. Kelly as well. Cool Breeze comes in 3 sizes, regular, medium and large. Kelly is enjoying the medium.

I've also laid the Cool Breeze on the floor and Kelly has curled up on that without the frame. Everything about this product, and the prompt and friendly service from In Style Dogs, was excellent. Kelly gives Cool Breeze 4 paws way up! (Some day I'm going to have to tray to take a picture of her with all four paws up!) In Style Dog also offers Breezy Bunk, which is a similar doggy hammock, with a soft covering instead of the Cool Bed.

*One more thing: In Style Dog offers readers of this blog a 5% discount on all ISD items! Just type in the code bppp when you check out!

Disclosure: We were provided with this product in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are strictly my own.


  1. Hi Peggy,
    I am finally back up and running. Blogger wiped out all of my blog list, then wouldn't let me comment on other blogs. I hope my headache is over. Please do me a favor and read my blog, Friday's post and if you can help I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks. Hope all is well with you and your cutie.

  2. Sherman does not do well in the heat!
    This looks like a wonderful product, I wonder if it comes in Newfie size!

  3. Kelly looks so comfy on the Cool Breeze!

    Eva always stays nearby the fan when it's hot.

  4. Great idea, we Frenchies need to stay cool cause we overheat fast
    Benny & Lily

  5. That looks like a cool product!! Holly does not like the heat much. Right now she is lying on the cool kitchen floor instead of on her couch. It's hard on the floor but apparently cool and nice to her. Lots of love, Holly & Mom

  6. hey Kelly,

    That is a very cool bed! And you look so comfy, and cool, on it! I, too, don't handle heat to well, but that is because I am a Malamute and belong in the snowy mountains. :-> But a bed like that would be super nice during these hot Summer days. Thanks for your review and the info on the product!

    Hope you stay chill! :->


  7. That bed is so very neat! We lovies it!

  8. That looks great! Very good idea. Although I have a feeling there would be some fighting for the chair in our house! BOL!!

  9. Ooh! I need one of those for Jersey when I take her camping! Right now set chills out on a camping chair which is a little too small for her.

  10. I have a 2 year old Shih Tzu whose hair is very thick and long. We live in Southern California where it can get brutally hot in the summer and my poor little Shih Tzu is stuck wearing all that hair. Of course, I could shave him like many other owners of such breeds do but I don’t want to do that.

    So, we suffer through the heat. I’m excited to try the Cool Breeze bed this summer but until then I will help him cool off by continually providing ice cubes in his water bowls and by keeping the air conditioning on 24/7 along with a few fans throughout the house.

    I’m also looking into purchasing a doggie water bed which I could fill with ice water.


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