Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Pet Roundup

Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup! This is Sonny. He's smiling because...

* The first rescue dogs are arriving at the former home of Michael Vick, which is now a dog rescue facility thanks to the rescue group Dogs Deserve Better.

* ABC news brings us the story of Naki'o, the bionic dog with four prothetic paws. Naki'o is running and playing, and adjusting well after losing his paws to frostbite.

* In other medical news, Sugar, the cocker spaniel mix who was paralyzed in the Joplin tornado, is improving after surgery and her family is hopeful she'll regain full use of her legs.

* Oregon Live, a new dog sport called K9 Nose Work sounds like fun for dogs!

* From the Baltimore Sun, tips that can help dogs afraid of fireworks. Two interesting solutions: Anxiety Wrap and Calming Cap.

Is your dog afraid of fireworks? Would your dog excel at K9 Nose Work? What do you think of the advances in medicine that can help injured dogs in new ways?


  1. Pip is afraid of many things, but for some reason fireworks don't bother him at all - and his hearing is fine.

  2. Gracie is afraid of anything that makes that type of noise. Sonny has a beautiful smile!!

  3. Sonny is gorgeous. Whatta smile:)

  4. Great roundup Peggy!
    None of my dogs are afraid of fireworks. Thankfully, because the annual firework show for our town is basically in our backyard!

  5. I'm adding my hugs to yours for Pip and Gracie this 4th of July in hopes it will help them feel better!

  6. Jen- glad your big guys don't need to climb into your lap when they hear a loud noise!

  7. Great roundup. Love the success stories of Vick's pups. Some stories were very sad too
    Benny & Lily

  8. I have one dog afraid of fireworks. The rest of us would rather just stay and make her feel secure than go out and watch.

  9. Another product that may work for dogs afraid of fireworks is the Thundershirt. We just got one for Buster for his general anxiety and we're seeing good results.


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