Friday, July 15, 2011

32 Simple Things You Do that Matter to Dogs

I was trying to think of my favorite cause for Blog the Change, and one of the things I care about most is how pets are treated. It turns my stomach and breaks my heart to read about careless, cruel and stupid some people who neglect and abuse animals. It doesn't seem like too much to expect every dog (every living thing) to be treated kindly, humanely. I was going to write about animal abuse laws, anti-tethering laws, regulations on anti bark collars and other laws. Or, on the flip side, I was going to write about some of the many wonderful groups who help animals.

While all these are worthy, I thought instead, I really wanted to write about pet parents who help animals simply by treating them right. They don't neglect or abuse them in any way. They don't let their dogs run loose in the road. They don't keep them outside all day in all types of weather. They don't leave them in hot cars. In short, they are doing the right thing, not because there is a law ordering so, but because they care. Sometimes Being the Change starts right in your own home.

This is a tribute to the common pet parent, who loves their pet. And that is making the world a better place for animals.

32 Simple Things You Do that Matter to Dogs:

You adopt them.
Hug them.
Walk them.
Feed them,
But not too much.
You give them a comfortable bed.
Talk to them.
Listen to them.
Train them.
Teach them good manners.
You understand why they whine.
Understand why they bark.
Keep them warm in the winter.
Keep them cool in summer.
Dry their muddy feet.
You play with them.
Throw them a ball,
Or a Frisbee.
Try a play group.
You do your best to keep them safe
And healthy.
Cuddle with them.
Give them opportunities to explore.
Keep their minds active.
Visit the veterinarian.
You bathe them.
Trim their toenails.
Share your ice cream with them, once in a while.
Comfort them during a thunder storm.
Realize they need you.
Realize you need them.
You Love Them.
Love Them.


  1. What a wonderful list and great post for Blog the Change!
    I think I do all the things listed:)

  2. I love it, Peggy. You're right! We take these things for granted and yet they are the very things that make all the difference - for the pet, for us, for people who meet us and for those who learn from us, like children.

    Trim Toenails for Change!

    Thank you for Blogging this for Change, and for being such an awesome member of the BTC4animals team!


  3. What a cute photo! I love all of the tips--people tend to forget some of the simple things. I especially like training! Keep up the good work. Simple is better!

  4. You buy them a $75 bag of dog food while you eat hot dogs :0 *thats* love!!

  5. I think we do almost all the things on this list. (Koly never quite grasped the whole "frisbee" thing.) great post!

  6. Great post, Peggy, and love the list of 32 simple things to do that matter to dogs.

    Kelly, you are as pretty as a daisy!

    Happy Friday to you both. And again, a great Blog the Change post!

  7. What a great list, we're going to print it out and take it to dog training tomorrow! Have a great weekend, Dex and Lou xxx

  8. We love your list and we love doing all those things.

  9. Such a great list!! There are so many little things we can do each and everyday to make our dogs feel great.

    Training, playing, and those 10 quiet minutes of cuddling before drifting to sleep are some of my pup's favorites.

  10. Great post! I think you are 100% correct, the owners who take good care of their dogs and other pets definitely deserve a good pat on the back (or scratch under the chin?) Thanks for the great post!

  11. This is a great list!

    Just one addition:

    #33: Pick up after them

    (And I thought of that because I just read this BtC4A post by Go Pet Friendly: )

  12. I see love all through that list. And most of it selfless, the exact type that our dogs are so good at treating us with!

    Thanks for the great list, the reminders and such a sweet photo to make me smile!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  13. so true ... they are so patient, so loving and all they really want is a good home, love of love, and attention ... easy when you think about it

    btw, Rocky watches tv ... so his favorite show(s) are important

    as always, thanks Peggy

  14. this was soooo touching! I just love it!!

    I think your photograph is precious as well!

    Fabulous post!

  15. Great suggestions, not just for dogs, but cats, too. I just change the pertinent parts. Thanks and keep up the good work. Sometimes being a good example works much better than lecturing, no matter how much we may want to speak up.

  16. Wonderful post:) I admit to getting someone else to do toenails but everything else is fine. It's not much to give back really for what they give us.

  17. What a great post! Our Mom & Dad score super high on this - um, except that toenail thing for a couple of us, who are kinda like wrestling a greased pig and require about 5 people ;\ But they TRY! Other than that - we're good!

    Thanks for visiting us today!

    The Road Dogs

  18. I love this list. Especially the cuddles and love...LOVE. It's nice to appreciate the positive aspects of having animals in our lives!

  19. Stopping by from the Blog the Change blog hop! I loved this article. It really made me think. Sharing on Facebook for all my animal rescue friends.

  20. awesome post! love the list!
    love love and toenails!

    -Richa and Chewie at

  21. Great list! Simple but so important. Thanks for sharing. :)

  22. @Jen, your big guys surely thank you for all the things you do!

    @Kim @Greyhounds CAN sit @road-dog-tales I agree about the toenails, I can't do it myself either. Kelly's toenails are all black too, which makes it more difficult. Luckily my husband does it.

    @Hillary Yes, training is so important, I love it when people take time to understand what their dogs need and how to communicate to them.

  23. @Karen lol so true! They get better toys than we do, too!

    @Kolchak Koly is a lucky puggle! Tell Koly it's okay without playing Frisbee!

    @FrankieFurter @Corbin @Jan @K9Katastrophe @Kathy @DFW Animal Rescue @Richa @Ruby's Raiser Thanks for stopping by and for liking the list! Kelly sends a big kiss!

  24. @FiveSibesMom Kelly says thank you for saying she's pretty as a daisy!

    @SchnauzerDays Thank you so much for sharing with your training group.

    @successjustclicks Those are my favorite ones too!

    @JenK thanks for the great addition. You're right about picking up after them. I don't know if they appreciate it as much as we do!

    @Chandra Your comment made ME smile! Thank you and I hope you visit again!

  25. @Patricia I hope Rocky is enjoying a nice show on a hot day. What is his favorite show?

    @Caren and Cody Thank you for the nice comment. Kelly says thank you for your compliment. I'm not sure she loved wearing the hat!

    @offtheleashsd You're right, this is great for cats too. Purrrr!

  26. Peggy, I love love LOVE this post. :)

  27. I love that you added "keep their minds busy". In my years as a dog behavior counselor I met so many dogs living in boring routines (and developing problem behavior because of that). Hopefully more and more dog owners will become aware of *all* things their dog needs to be a happy dog. Best wishes, Karen @ collars-4-dogs


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