Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mini is Better!

I confess. I'm a Frequent Treater.
Kelly gets a reward for sitting and staying. For coming in from outside. For having her picture taken. Yup, in addition to praise and love, she gets a lot of treats.

Recently, as we've been dieting together, I've been concerned about the effects of all these goodies. Then I discovered mini treats!
Different brands of dog biscuits come in a variety of sizes. I read somewhere that it doesn't matter what you give them, most dogs are going to chew and swallow in one bite anyway. That's Kelly! So now, I buy her the smallest size treats I can find, many are only 5 to 10 calories a piece. Just check the list of ingredients to make sure they meet the standards you want.

Do you reward with commercial dog cookies, or something else?
Have you found mini treats beneficial for your dog?
Do you demand the same quality ingredients for your dog's treats as you do for his food, or do you allow some wiggle room there? (Like for myself, somehow I will allow myself a less-healthy dessert once in a while, but never eat deep fat fried foods or fatty meats for dinners.)


  1. I want to start making my own treats. Just for fun!

  2. Eva loves food!!

    I try to give her low fat treats and greenies most of the time.

  3. Good thought!

    We use ice cubes for treats in the summer ... the dogs LOVE them, they're readily available in the freezer, free, and have ZERO calories!

  4. I have a friend who makes tiny dried liver treats which my dogs would do anything to get.

    We are all also addicted to cheese. They don't seem to mind that the servings are small.

  5. We like Charlie Bears for situations that require a lot of treats. They're only 3 calories each!

  6. I used to give Holly a treat everytime I walked by here until she was overweight. Now she gets very small treats sometimes and greenies. Luckily she absolutely loves greenies...low calorie ones too! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  7. Our Dakota has developed a weight problem (unlike the LEAN Eva! lol)

    Dakota will also eat anything and everything.

    We were giving him way too many treats. Now I break off TINY pieces of a treat instead of giving him the entire thing.

    He is 27 lbs and should be no more than 23 (which is STILL too fat for him!)

  8. You need to teach mom to give us treats for everything, please. We like little Natural Balance Duck and Potato treats
    Benny & Lily
    Pee S, cheese and peanut butter too

  9. We are frequent rewarded too. Lots and lots of treats. I like to keep bite size chunks of sweet pepper, green beans and such chopped and in the fridge. Koly & Fe get a ton of snacks in a day and it all amounts to less than 30 - 50 calories each per day!

  10. I usually give Jersey small dehydrated liver treat or pieces of kibble. Dogs don't care about the size of the treat, they just love that they are getting one!


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