Thursday, August 25, 2011

Announcing Koly and Kellys K9 Kamp


We're cooking up something exciting...we're working out all the details... and if you join, you might lose. Lose weight, that is. Announcing a fun way to get fit and healthy with your dog:

Koly & Kelly's K9 Kamp

What is K9 Kamp?
Fitness challenges, healthy recipes, weight loss tips, prizes, and more!

Koly & Kelly's K9 Kamp runs for 6 weeks, from September 8th to October 13th. During the week, both Kol's Notes and Peggy's Pet Place will blog helpful tips and motivation for losing weight and getting fit with your dog. And, you won't want to miss the main event, the Thursday Fitness Challenge! These challenges:
*are fun

*are easy (and can be adjusted to fit any fitness level)

*take only a short time (no more than 1 hr each week, and you can divide into a few shorter sessions.)

* include games like Fetch It Yourself and Tug With Me

*offer participants opportunities to win great prizes!

In addition, Kol's Notes is offering some great healthy recipes on Tasty Tuesdays. And every Friday I'll bring you an interview with one of our wonderful Featured Bloggers who will be participating right along with us.

All Things Dog Blog
Foley Monster & Pocket's blog
Gracie Owns Me
I Still Want More Puppies
Oh, Corbin
Life with Lulu & Wally too
My Brown Newfies
Pet Blogs United
Rescued Insanity

You'll discover more about their blogs, and why they decided to join Koly & Kelly's K9 Kamp, and how they're doing on the challenges. These bloggers are already excited and waiting for the fun to begin.

You can join Koly & Kelly's K9 Kamp too! Come visit Peggy's Pet Place and Kol's Notes starting September 8th. Then, just jump in when you want, share when you complete a challenge, and you'll be entered for great prizes, like an e-subsciption to FIDO Friendly magazine, collar and leash from Doggie Stylish, toys, treats and an autographed copy of my book Dieting with my Dog!

Don't miss our first K9Kamp blog hop, "I'm Kamping because..." on September 8th!

And our first Featured Blogger on September 9th!

So do you want to get fit with us?!

Kolchak & Jodi and Kelly & Peggy

Kol’s Notes

Peggy’s Pet Place

* The American Veterinary Association estimates that there are 41.2 million pet dogs in the US and a recent study by Phizer suggests that nearly 47% are considered overweight. WHAT THE BARK?! That is a whole lot of pups. Staying active and keeping your pet in shape is the first step to ensuring good health, so join K9 Kamp and get fit and have fun with your dog.


  1. Woof! Woof! That's GREAT! Being healthy and staying in shape is very important for pet owners and dogs ... Looking forward on reading your post. Kol is wonderful. I work with Kol in Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Mom says sign us up Miss Peggy!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. @Sugar I love Tasty Tuesday too! I'm not much of a cook so I haven't had much to contribute yet, but I will be!

  4. @Maggie Mae Hi! You and your mom can jump in on weeks whenever you want, or if you wanted to commit to the whole shebang as a Featured Blogger, send me an email and let me know!

  5. Mom could lose a few. But we are all muscle. Sounds fun
    Benny & Lily

  6. Woot woot! I can't WAIT to get started! It's gonna be SO MUCH FUN!

  7. Hey this sounds like fun!!


  8. This sounds really interesting! With things being so brutally hot this summer, we haven't been nearly as active as we wanted to be. Hopefully as fall arrives we're going to be able to get out and do more! It sounds like a great idea!

  9. It sure sounds exciting!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  10. 'pawsome'!!! we can't wait!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  11. It's not REALLY a KKK camp, is it? Sorry, I can't count-- it's a KKKK camp-- very different! ;)

    We'll come hang out and see what it's all about!


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