Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Pet Roundup

Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup! Kelly and I can hardly believe that December is just a day away, with all the holiday fun ahead. Here's Kelly supervising the carving of the Thanksgiving turkey.

* It's cold and flu season and you may be wondering, "Can my dog catch a cold?" From Care2, via PetMD, dogs do suffer from respiratory infections, just different types of viruses than people have. Your dog can't catch your cold, and you won't catch your dog's cold. So now, both of you stay healthy, okay?

* Are we really giving our indoor-only cats what they need? USA Today interviews Pam Johnson-Bennett, author of Think Like a Cat, who offers suggestions for common indoor-cat problems such as using litter boxes, scratching furniture, and jumping. If you want to solve these problems, she says, think like a cat.

* Did you watch the National Dog Show last week? A beautiful Fox Terrier, Irie, won Best in Show. There were also six new breeds in the show, including the Mexican hairless Xoloitzcuintli. The Daily News reports that the dog show host John O'Hurley said, "I started in October to pronounce the dog's name. For three nights in a row I had to go to YouTube to practice it." The correct pronunciation is: show-low-eats-queen-tlee, or show-low for short.

* And now, contest winner time! The winner of ebook Zellwood: A Dog Story by Rebecca Stroud, chosen by Randomizer, is Scrappy! Congratulations Scrappy! Contact me with your email address and we'll get you your prize! 

* If you're in the listening area, tune in tonight (Wednesday) to My Doggie Says, KFNX -1100 Phoenix, 8pm MST. Live streaming at Thanks to Fred Haney for hosting me to talk about Dieting with my Dog! 

* Did you ever hear strange noises, but when you investigate nothing's happening? What are your cats doing when you're not looking?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Zellwood: A Dog Story about love and loss

Our yellow lab, Hudson, slept behind the couch. Every morning our spaniel Kelly used to race downstairs and wake up Hudson. After Hudson died, Kelly raced down the stairs and then just stood there, looking behind the couch, a forlorn expression on her face. She doesn't look for Hudson any more, but I know how she missed him and longed for him for many months.

Recently I was contacted by author Rebecca Stroud, who asked me if I'd be interested in taking a look at her ebook Zellwood: A Dog Story, a short tale of love and loss, grieving and pets, with a holiday twist. I read the book, and found the story poignant and beautifully-written. Although quite short in length, Zellwood is deep in emotion. You will find yourself wanting to jump in and help sweet canine Annie out of her grief. Maybe you will find instead that she helps you.

I spoke with Rebecca about her book. (And keep reading to the end, you can win a free copy of her ebook!)

1. Is Zellwood based on a personal experience?

RS: Actually, yes. I wrote Zellwood: A Dog Story in 1998, two years after we'd euthanized our Beau (the day before Christmas Eve). And, oh, how our Emma grieved. Although we had recently adopted a shelter-rescue puppy, Emma had been raised with Beau so she missed him terribly. I'd say it took about a year for her to regain her joie de vivre (btw: that's Emma picture on the Zellwood cover). Sadly, she has since died, too…and our "puppy" is now approaching 16. Yikes.

2. The last scene of your story is a Christmas scene. How do you think pets contribute to our holidays?

RS: I think pets contribute immensely to our entire lives. But regarding the holidays, I believe they are especially important to those who would otherwise spend Christmas alone. There are so many elderly and/or single people with little or no family. So pets are a huge comfort by helping these folks get through the holidays without feeling totally disconnected.

 3: What tips do you have to help people grieving the loss of a pet?

RS: This is a tough one. Meaning, everyone handles grief in their own way, in their own time. There is no right or wrong about it. For instance: Some people bury their deceased pets in the yard; some have them cremated and keep them on the mantle; some leave them at the vets and go home alone. Then you have those who say they'll never own another dog while others march themselves right down to the shelter and adopt almost immediately. It's such an individual situation.

But one thing I will say, unequivocally: Please don't beat yourselves up over the loss of your pet. It's human nature that we invariably find something to feel guilty about…coulda, shoulda, woulda. That does no one any good. Simply put, don't dwell on the negative but do remember the love you gave and the love you received in return. I know that's easier said than done in some cases yet I believe it's a must.

 4: What is your work experience with dogs? How has it helped prepare you to write this story?

RS: Although I worked for a vet and volunteered at a wildlife sanctuary, I think my time working for the SPCA was the most invaluable & challenging. Dealing on a daily basis with the abandoned is heartbreaking. Yet, for their sake, I had to emotionally "remove" myself so that I could give them the positive attention they deserved. Dogs, especially, are so intuitive that you could hardly cry your way through the day. Talk about depressing the poor things more than they already were! So I developed as much of an objective stance as possible. No easy task. However, after my "hands on experience" was over and I started writing…well, let's just say there was no stopping my emotions then. And my work reflects that.

5. Where else can we read your writing?

RS: I have 5 books available on Amazon (two short story works; a suspense novella; a suspense novel; and a nonfiction collection of my newspaper columns). I also have a blog (The Animal Advocate, named after my column) but it has been woefully neglected since I've been writing e-books.

6. Where can we get a copy of Zellwood?

RS: You can get a copy of Zellwood: A Dog Story and all my other books by clicking on the links below: A Three-Dog Night eBook: Rebecca Stroud: Kindle Store Devil's Moon eBook: Rebecca Stroud: Kindle Store Do Unto Others eBook: Rebecca Stroud: Kindle Store The Animal Advocate eBook: Rebecca Stroud: Kindle Store

In closing, I want to thank Peggy from the bottom of my dog-loving heart for the opportunity to reach out to others who feel as I do about what I consider to be the most fabulous creature on this earth.

Thank you Rebecca!

Now, do you want to win a copy of Zellwood: A Dog Story for Kindle? (If you don't have Kindle, still enter! You can read the story right on your computer.)  Just leave a comment below with the name of a dog you miss, or a short tribute to a dog you'd like to remember this holiday season. One winner will be chosen at random. Contest ends Tuesday at midnight, and winner will be announced on Pet Roundup on Wednesday. Be sure to leave a way to contact you if you're the winner!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday Pet Roundup

Waiting for a treat!
Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup! Just a short one today, as everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving. Even Kelly is looking for some special cookies as a treat!

*A new AP-Petside poll says that most people get their pets:
1. As a gift
2. Taking in a stray
3. Breeder
4. Shelter
5. Pet Store
Both "breeder" and "shelter" were equal, with about 30% of the people acquiring their pets those ways. About 15% of people still buy their pets from a pet store, despite awareness of puppy mills.

* Check out this dog I saw waiting for its human at the grocery store. He was hanging all the way out the fully open window. I can't believe he didn't jump out, but he stayed right there, not budging a muscle. I don't feel great about cars being left alone in cars, but this sentry was doggone cute!

**And now, the winner of the Pawprint Rubber stamp, chosen the old fashioned way by drawing a slip of paper with a name on it out of a hat! And the winner is, Pamela of Something Wagging this Way Comes. Congratulations! Email me your mailing address and the name you would like on your stamper, and I will send it on in to The Rubber Stamp Man. Thank you to everyone who entered.

Why Do These Dogs Wear Marigold Necklaces?

What beautiful dogs! These wonderfully-adorned dogs are actually members of Nepal's police force.

Picture: Niranjan Shrestha/AP

During the Tihar festival, rings of marigolds are placed around the dogs' necks, and their faces are decorated with vermillion (a red pigment).

Photo via Associated Press

The festival is a day of worship to repay love to man's best friend.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

C is for Cookie

Because I'm dieting, you might think I stay away from cookies. And, because I'm dieting with my dog, you might think I keep my dog away from cookies too. What the woof?! There's nothing wrong with a few treats on occasion, even on a diet. (I just can't eat a whole sleeve of Oreos. Darn!) The trick is choosing more nutritious treats.  That's why I was happy to receive a copy of Dog Cookies; healthy, allergen-free treat recipes for your dog, by Martina Schops.

Nutrition expert Martina says, "Treats contribute to a dog's well-being." I agree.

Here are some reasons for making your own dog treats:
1. You know exactly what ingredients they contain.
2. No artificial flavors and preservatives
3. You can adjust recipes for your dog's taste, allergies, or nutritional needs

 Most of the recipes in this book are simple and made from easy-to-find ingredients. For example, Banana Biscuits are made of banana, rye flour, buckwheat flour, eggs, butter, water and a pinch of carob.

The book includes recipes for high value treats for agility training, and birthday cake, waffles and doggie ice cream. If you're looking for good recipes to bake some healthy treats for your dog, I recommend this book. You can find Dog Cookies on Amazon or on  Hubble and Hattie website.

Check out more food and fun for your dog on Tasty Tuesday, hosted by Kol's Notes and Sugar the Golden Retriever.

*I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Just some of the reasons why I love you

Making me Laugh
 For Thanksgiving Mutt Monday, I just want to say thank you to Kelly for:

Saving me from Snakes

Reminding me to Smell the Flowers

Check out Mutt Monday Blog hop!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Paws for Thought

Paws for Thought:

Let us remember that, as much has been given us, much will be expected from us, and that true homage comes from the heart as well as from the lips, and shows itself in deeds.  ~Theodore Roosevelt

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wouldn't a Pawprint Stamper Look Cute?

Your dog rocks, so he surely needs to give his pawtograph to everyone he knows! And keep reading, because you could win one here!

When I scheduled my first book signing for Dieting with my Dog, everyone asked if Kelly was going to be giving pawtographs. I considered buying an ink pad and pressing her paw into it for every book. But fortunately I found a better way!

Looking over the websites offering rubber stampers, I quickly determined that I wanted a self-inking stamper. I'm not known to be the neatest person when it comes to crafts and baking, etc, so if there was a way to make a mess with an ink pad, I'd be sure to find a way. 

I also wanted a nice quality pawprint, and Kelly's name underneath. And, I couldn't pay an arm and a leg.

Impossible? Not at all!

I located The Rubber Stamp Man, and he had just what I wanted at the right price. The website is pretty basic, but when I called on the phone to place an order I got exceptional service. The price was right, and free shipping!

My stamper arrived promptly and it is excellent quality and just what I wanted.

I was able to pawtograph more than forty books that first night, and it has held up well to stamp dozens more! The ink is refillable, so no worries if I run out.

And now, you can win your own pawprint stamper! Wouldn't it look cute on your stationary? Holiday cards and envelopes? Just about anywhere! One lucky winner will receive a Rubber Stamp Man regular size self inking stamper with pawprint and your pet's name!

*All you have to do is leave a comment below, saying why you would like a pawprint stamper.
* For bonus entries, follow this blog and "like" Dieting with my Dog on FB (tell me that you did!)
*One winner will be selected at random.
*Contest closes Tuesday Nov. 22
 * Winner will be announced on my pet roundup on Wednesday.
* Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you if you win!
* Contest open to U.S. and Canada only, excluding Quebec. (Canadian winners will need to answer a skill testing question.)

If you don't win, you can order a pawprint stamp of your own form the Rubber Stamp Man. Kelly gives them four pawtographed paws way up!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Find Your Doggy Double

Human to Canine pairing software. It all sounds a bit futuristic. And unbelievable. But here it is, Doggelganger,  a site where you can upload a picture or video of yourself, and it will match you up to your doggy double.  Here are my results:

All the dog matches are dogs up for adoption.
What a fun--and unique--way to spread the word about pet adoption! And I bet it results in many pets finding forever homes with their human doubles!

Try Doggelganger, and tell us what your match is!

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Something Wagging This Way Comes - see why they ask, "boxers or briefs?"
Champion of my Heart.  -find out some ways people sink their own weight loss efforts.

Wednesday Pet Roundup

Hi and Welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup! Kelly is enjoying playing outside in the leaves. Does your dog have a favorite team?! Here are the links for this week:

* Fox news reports on the best breeds of dog for home protection. What do you think---doberman? rottweiler? You may be surprised by one of the answers.

* Joyful news when Jack the cat was found alive in a claims room, after being lost for 7 weeks at JFK Airport. Sadly, however, abc news reports that due to wounds that couldn't heal, he died last week.

* Have you heard of Musher's Secret, an "invisible boot" made of natural wax to protect dogs' paws from the snow, salt and ice. Pittsburgh tells us about this and other products to help our dogs feel more comfortable this winter.

* On, this Pet MD article answers Weird Questions You Don't Want to Ask Your Vet.

Weight Loss with a Wag blog tour stops today: Five Sibes invites Kelly and I to come on in and sit down for a spell and visit with the sibes. Pop on over and say hi!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fetching Dawg

Kelly loves to fetch, I think she could play it all day!

 During K9KampMolly Products Fetching Sticks donated several sets of fetching sticks that we gave away as prizes. Kelly and I were provided with a set of sticks to test for our unbiased opinion. Made of Juniper, these sticks are beautiful. I was surprised when, at first, Kelly didn't take to them. But when I took her outside to play, she enjoyed them much more. We had a great time and burned off a lot of calories too!

These sticks are great for a rousing game of fetch. Check out Molly Products Fetching Sticks for your dog too!

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Pet Health Care Gazzette
I Still Want More Puppies. Please stop by and visit!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lending a Helping Hand

photo by Abraham Banda
If an elephant got stuck in the mud, would you help pull it out? I mean, if you could? That is what some people are asking after a baby elephant and its mother got stuck in the fast-drying mud in Zambia. The London Mail reported on the incident, in which workers from the South Luangua Conservation Society stepping in to use ropes and pull the two to safety.

The London Mail quotes one of the rescuers as saying, "Most conservationists believe that man should not meddle with the natural order and that we should allow nature to run her course, however cruel or grim..." However, they simply could not stand by and watch the elephants struggle and die.

photo by Abraham Banda

This story has a happy ending. The pair were rescued and ran off unharmed. For the complete story and more photos, check out Baby Elephant and its Mother by Richard Hartley-Parkinson in The Mail Online.

What are your thoughts? Should we intervene, or leave nature to her plan?

And, join us on our Weight Loss with a Wag Blog Tour. Today's stop, Cindy Lu's Muse, who wants to know if it's okay to give your dog on a diet treats? (But of course!!)
and check out this review on the hysterical Foley Monster and Pocket.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nature Watcher

What do you see there, Kelly?
 Paws for Thought:
I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority.
-E. B. White 

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Book Review- Seven Dogs in Heaven

It's a comfort to imagine our lost pets happy and healthy, cavorting in heaven. Leland Dirks, however, goes beyond the familiar rainbow bridge visual in his new book, Seven Dogs in Heaven. Like Mitch Albom's narrator, Dirk's narrator learns important lessons about himself through those he encounters in heaven. However these lessons come from the dogs in his life, even an imaginary one. 

Each dog's story makes you wonder what your own dogs really think of you. Are you patient enough? Do you really understand their needs? One of the chapters that touched me most was about Snowboy, a small white pup who braved a snake-laden wheat field in order to protect his boy, even though the dog was terribly afraid of snakes.

Unafraid to touch on difficult topics, Leland (along with Angelo) writes a simple, yet deep book with an uplifting transformation at the end. adds adorable illustrations of pointers, German shepherds, border collies and more.

Check out this book, and while you're at it, check out Angelo's Journey too! Both are available in Kindle, too.

Leland lives in the middle of a beautiful nowhere that is Colorado's San Luis Valley. Angelo, the world famous Border Collie, and Maggie, his black Lab philosopher mix, allow him to share their off-grid home.
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Joyful Paws asks what my dog taught me about dieting.

and This One Wild Life asks about achieving goals.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Pet Roundup

Do you need help raking leaves?
Hi and welcome to Wednesday Pet Roundup!

*Dr V from Pawcurious announced the 3rd annual Blogpocalypse-- a fun, exciting and purposeful all-day and all-nighter fundraising event, this Saturday starting at noon. My bloggy pal Kolchak is participating in Blogpocalypse, and they'll be raising funds for The Lucky Dog Rescue. And, My Brown Newfies is participating too, to support The Columbus Zoo. So don't forget Saturday to drop by and check it out! Especially if you want to learn what zombies have to do with it all.

*Check out this adorable beagle puppy discovering its howl on Dog(Spired)! And Labrador puppies running in slo mo from No Dog About it.

*Read how one mom took a dog-related idea and started a business on FIDO Friendly.

* Weight Loss with a Wag blog tour stop, my writing pal Julie Garmon's blog, Southern Stories of Grit and Grace. See what Guideposts magazine has to do with Julie and me, and Dieting with my Dog.   

*Weight Loss with a Wag blog tour stop: Kol's Notes, and you can win a copy of the book there too!  Thanks Kol!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kelly's Campaign Slogans

Vote for me!
Today, Election Day, Kelly has a fun quiz for you. She's running for Mayor of Dawgland and has come up with these campaign slogans. See if you can figure out which real presidential candidates' campaign slogans best coincide with Kelly's. Have fun!

1. Tippecanoe and Kelly too!

2.  Free Soil, Free Labradors, Free Barks and Free Dogs

3.  Don't Swap Dogs in the Middle of an Agility course

4.  A Full Dinner Bowl

5.  Keep Kool with Kelly

6.  A Bone in every Bowl, a Tennis Ball in every Yard

7.  Not Just Doggie Treats

8.  Kinder, Gentler Spaniel

9.  Leave No Dawg Behind

10.  Yes Dogs Can!

Answers below.  Just highlight each line to reveal the answers! They'll appear like magic!

1. Tippecanoe and Tyler Too-- William Henry Harrison, 1840

2.  Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Speech, Free Men and Fremont- John C. Fremont, 1856

3.  Don't Swap Horses in the Middle of the Stream - Abraham Lincoln 1864

4. A Full Dinner Pail-- William McKinley 1900

5.  Keep cool with Coolidge - Calvin Coolidge, 1924

6. A Chicken in Every Pot, A Car in Every Garage - Herbert Hoover, 1928

7. Not Just Peanuts - Jimmy Carter, 1976

8. Kinder, Gentler Nation- George Bush, 1988

9. Leave No Child Behind - George W. Bush, 2000

10. Yes We Can! - Barack Obama, 2008

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Monday, November 7, 2011

They're Just So Darn Cute!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies. All opinions are 100% mine.

PvB-CuteDar-Green-300x250-Backup.jpgYou peek at them on Facebook during breaks at work. You talk about them with your friends and family.  You   forward them in emails. I'm talking about those adorable, hysterical online videos that make you smile, laugh, and brighten your day.

And which videos are the cutest? Inevitably, those starring puppies or babies!

Puppies vs. Babies is Animal Planet's "funniest videos show" with a twist. People share their videos of adorable children or adorable dogs (and even some cats!), and then America gets to vote for their favorites, until ultimately one baby or puppy is deemed cutest.

Speaking as someone who thinks each puppy on Petfinder is cuter than the next, I'd never be able to select just ONE cute puppy. Or one cute baby. But that really isn't the point. The point is to watch there fun videos, get a smile on your face, and then vote,  just because it's fun!

So take a break from all that work, and check out the Puppies vs. Babies online contest. Get your votes in from now until November 23rd. You can vote on cute photos, too. I went through and voted from 1 to 10 on all the entries. It was just fun to look at all the cute!

The website even includes information on bringing a puppy home and tips on preparing your family for the new arrival, including chores different age kids can do to help.

So go ahead and look at some cute pictures. Watch some funny videos. And vote ...just for the fun of it! As for me....I love babies vote goes to the puppies! You just can't beat all that soft and fuzzy! Who are you going to vote for?Puppies vs. Babies online contest

Visit Sponsor's Site

Heartwarming stories of Kids and Animals

Kelly's Book Reviews
There is something special about animals and kids, and that bond is celebrated in a new book, Animals and the Kids who Love Them. This heartwarming book is by Allen & Linda Anderson, authors of Angel Dogs, Dogs and the Women who Love Them and many other inspiring books.

 All the stories here touched my heart.
In Part One: HOPE, you'll read stories such as "My Child with Autism and the Dog Who Adores Her,"and "A Cat Therapist for David"

Part Two: HEALING, find "Lillie is an Angel on a Leash,"and "Casper the Rabbit Touched my Son."

Part Three: COMPASSION, there's "Frankie and Jackson Face Life's Challenges Together" and "Rescued Dalmatian, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, Rescues Others."
And I'm also proud to say that my story, told to me by Tom Russo, "Miniature Horse Patty Pat Answers a Parent's Prayers" is also the lead story in the book. It's about a wonderful young girl with a serious immune disease, and how her love for a miniature pony not only helped her get through the tough times, but also helped calm and soothe the rambunctious horse.

Each story has an adorable photograph with the dog, cat, llama, chicken, bunny or turtle that child loved.
Kelly and I think you'll love this book!

*Now it's time to announce today's Weight Loss with a Wag Book Tour Stop. Today check out The Poodle and Dog Blog, who wants to know if Kelly suffers from unrealistic body image.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lost Dog Reuinites with Family

Image: Dog sitting down on lawn
Photo credit: AP
I just love a happy reunion.

Like author Leland Dirks, in his book Angelo's Journey (I reviewed here, and I'll be reviewing his second book soon!), when a dog goes missing, I can't help wondering about its adventures and where it had been. Best of all, however, is the joy discovered when a lost pet returns home.

73-year-old Jim Arrighi of Tennessee discovered this joy last week, when his Jack Russell terrier was returned to him, after being missing for more than 3 months. Arrighi  last saw Petey in his the backyard last July. Arrighi and friends suspect he was pooch-napped by an out-of-towner. They'd searched for the little dog using 4-wheelers, scouring the area.

The dog was discovered 500 miles away in suburban Detroit. The little dog was scanned at the Humane Society, and information gathered from his microchip led him to his home.

Sadly, Arrighi also lost his wife, who suffered from pulmonary disease, on October 12th. Arrighi is overjoyed to be reunited, and believes that his wife in heaven sent the dog back to him.

* Facts provided from Today Pets & Animals  reporter Corey Williams, AP

** Weight Loss with a Wag Blog Tour Stop Today:  Foley Monster and Pocket  want to know if there's a polite way to tell a friend their dog might need to go on a diet?