Tuesday, January 17, 2012

E is for Ears

Pawing through the Alphabet

E is for Ears

What's that I hear? There are names for all those different size and shape ears! For some reason I find this fascinating. Without names, I'd just describe ears as droopy, pointy or furry. Now...I can call them by name. 
Bat Ears-- large and upright

Round tipped ears-- large, upright and rounded tips
Button ears-- upright and folded over at the top
Prick ears --upright, pointed
Cocked ears-- prick ear, folded at the tip
Drop ears-- hang down
Folded ears--drop ears that hang in folds
Hooded ears-- curve inward on the edges
Rose ears-- small drop ear that folds backwards

Chart via Caninest.com


To add to the fun (hey! It's fun to me!) leave a note in the comments and let me know which type of ears your dog has. I want to see which type of ear is the most common...at least, the most common reader of this blog!

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