Friday, February 1, 2013

The super, smart, easy way to learn about clicker training

Imagine a book of the future, or a magic book like in the Harry Potter movies. A book that comes to life! That's kind of like the idea of this new training guide by Maggie Marton, of Ohmydogblog. I couldn't think of a better method for learning about dog training: an ebook that's not just a book...combined with training tutorials that aren't just videos!

is an interactive video book made exclusively for the iPad and iPhone. It contains 38 videos demonstrating the basics all the way to advanced activities like setting up your own agility training.
The ebook features instruction by Denise Herman, an expert dog trainer and founder of New York-based Empire of the Dog.

Would you like to learn more about clicker training or improve your skills? Then you'll find plenty of help in the video tutorials and step-by-step instructions. I've tried clicker training with Kelly and am already using this guide to improve my skills. Clicker training is humane and easy to use.
Content features:
*HD Video Tutorial 
*Dozens of Step-by-Step Instructions

Expert dog trainer Denise Herman’s straightforward process is delivered in small, digestible doses, and includes tricks and skills such as:
* Sit, stay, and stop barking
* House training
* Leash walking
* Crate training
* Fetch, high five, and wave hello

Maggie Marton has written for pet-related publications like NBC Universal’s,, and Pet Enthusiast magazine and has worked for the National Geographic Society. Deeply committed to animal welfare, she serves on the Board of Directors for the Monroe County Humane Association.
Denise Herman is a dog trainer for over 12 years, and founder of critically acclaimed, Brooklyn-based training facility, Empire of the Dog. She has been a staff trainer at the San Francisco SPCA, an off-camera advisor for the National Geographic series “My Dog Ate WHAT?” and has created her own Clicker Training kits for the Nylabone Company.

“Positively Dog Training” is the ninth title from Open Air Publishing
I highly recommend this ebook as an essential training guide for your dog. Learn more or purchase the book!

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