Saturday, February 9, 2013

Who Let the Dogs Out

Have you seen the new show, "Who Let the Dogs Out?" It's hosted by Tillman the skateboarding dog and Norman the Scooter Dog and also features health tips by Doc Halligan--you can check out some of her topics here-- and lots more. It's a really fun show about dogs dogs dogs! (It airs Fridays at 1pm on the Hallmark Channel)

After last week's episode, I found out that BlogPaws is holding a contest for free registration to the BlogPaws Social Media Pet Bloggers Conference, and "Who Let the Dogs Out!" is adding a free hotel stay at the Sheraton Tysons Corner, VA!

All I have to do to enter is answer these 3 questions:

1. Tell us what you like the most about the show "Who Let The Dogs Out" in general.  The best part of the show is, of course, the dogs! Tillman is so amazing to watch on his skateboard, I just can't believe how adept he is at that, and how much he seems to enjoy rolling along. And Norman the Scooter Dog is awesome too, and has the most adorable ears! I enjoy that the show highlights not only talented dogs, but also topics and events that are of interest to pet lovers! 

2. If you've never heard of BlogPaws before, tell us what you learned about BlogPawsfrom watching the episode. If you know about BlogPaws, tell us what you liked the most about the segment. I've heard about BlogPaws before, although I've never yet attended. Many of the pet bloggers I know have attended. On the show, I liked getting sneak peaks of the atmosphere and what goes on at BlogPaws, so that I'll have an idea what I'm in for if I do attend!

3. Tell us what you'd LIKE to learn at BlogPaws 2013I'd like to learn more all-important technical stuff that often boggles me. And any tips on how to make the blog more fun, exciting and engaging. (And I have to admit, I want to meet all the dogs!)

This blog hop is hosted by Tillman’s blog at TillmanSkates!

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