Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to Help Your Goldfish Live Longer

If you've ever thought that a goldfish might make a nice, simple starter pet, you might want to think again! Goldfish are notorious for being short-lived. But if you try, you can help your little swimmy friend live longer. Today we have a guest post from Jason Miner with Blog Carnival on:

5 Ways to Keep Your Goldfish Longer 
Guest Post by Jason Miner

Goldfish seem like the ideal pet for your family for several reasons. You can teach responsibility to your kids at an early age, you can go out of town without spending loads of money on a kennel, they don’t shed and they don’t leave a gross odor in your home. The only downside to goldfish is that their life expectancy is less than desirable. Here are 5 ways you can keep your new goldfish friend a bit longer: 

1. Food: Your goldfish does not require that much food, but what it does require is the proper nutrients and vitamins. Purchasing goldfish flakes from your local pet store are just what they need. A pinch of flakes a day is all your little fish needs. Overfeeding your goldfish, could cause damage to their insides. 

2. Water: The water your goldfish lives in must be the right temperature and provide them with lots of oxygen. You can do this two ways:
·        Colder water contains more oxygen and is good for your goldfish to breath. Be careful when placing your goldfish into cold water, you do not want to shock them. Keep their tank in a cool part of your home and away from windows to help keep the water temperature down.
·        A second option is to purchase a water filter from your local pet store for around 10 dollars. This will keep the water flowing with oxygen, creating a longer life for your goldfish. 

3. Handling: The more you touch your goldfish the worse it is for them. Keep your hands and fingers out of their bowl. The oils and bacteria from your hands can taint their water and create an unhealthy environment. When you need to take out the fish for cleanings, use a net that you can purchase from your local pet store. 

4. Home: It’s a common misconception that bowls are the best homes for goldfish. Unfortunately, bowls do not provide the proper amount of space for a goldfish to live and swim. A gallon of water is best for a happy and healthy goldfish. Opt for a large fish tank that you can find at your local pet store. 

5. Cleaning: One of the most common goldfish deaths is cause by a dirty tank. Cleaning a goldfish tank should happen once a week. If this is too much time, consider purchasing a water filter. You can cut back on cleaning and as stated before, it’s a great oxygen increaser for them. 

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