Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Comfort of Friends who Understand

When bad news is shared, the response from others who understand brings comfort. I want to thank everyone who has taken time to leave a message on Facebook, comment on the blog, or send me an email or private message expressing your sympathies, and sending your thoughts, prayers, hugs, dog kisses, tail wags and love. Every word and every message is special, including this from Jodi, Koly and Felix of Kol's Notes:

Imagine! His own star! I went outside and looked up at the sky and it put a little smile on my face to think of Brooks' Star twinkling bright. Thank you Jodi.

and this image from Loretta Ranscht:

Photo: ♥ if you love Dogs Like => I Love Dogs ♥

and this beautiful poem from Roy AnDonna Clark (Shiloh):

Photo: Fly free, sweet Brooks.

(Some day when the time is right, there will be another dog, and he'll be a golden retriever.)

And of course this poem:

and this poem written by Donna Teti:

Faithful Friend

St Francis open up the gates
Here comes our faithful friend
Let him run and play and explore
Just like he did back when

Our beloved dog is now with you
More than a pet… he’ll always be
A companion, a loyal friend
A part of our family

He kept us company many a day
Throughout his faithful years
A presence in our daily lives
We can’t hold back the tears

So St Francis who has always cherished
God’s very special friends
Scratch his back; give him a hug
Until we meet again

Copyright © 2011 Donna Teti 

Thank you so much to everyone.
I also want to let you know that Kelly is doing fine and we're making sure she knows she is well-loved too.
******* I JUST HAVE TO ADD THIS, Pam and Oskar from Pet Blogs United just alerted me to this wonderful email and button, made by Ann from Zoolatry in honor of Brooks. Ann wrote:

Adopted late in life, handsome BROOKS was with his family just a year.  But he was loved as if he had been there forever.  His story shows the beauty and value of adoption of a senior pet.  Cancer took him unexpectedly and quickly, and he will be forever missed.  You can read his story, and leaves words of comfort for those left behind, click the LINK below.  Thank You!


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  3. Intense Debate has lost all my comments yet again! I was able to retrieve them but I have to paste them in myself, so here we go again:

  4. from Amber DaWeenie
    Brooks was very special. Take some time to store all those good memories away. They will last a lifetime.

    We would like to honor Brooks on "Our Rainbow Friends" blog. Do you have a favorite photo you would like us to use? If so, please email it to me by the end of April to:


  5. from Kristine
    My heart is still broken for you, Peggy. I am so glad you can take the time you need to be with your loved ones and honour your beloved friend. I am also glad you shared a bit of Brooks' life with us so we can remember him as well.
    My recent post Cranky Human is Cranky

  6. from Pamela
    I know you love Kelly very much. She will be a very special blessing to you as you're grieving Brooks. Blessings to you all.

  7. from SlimDoggy
    Peggy, you and the family are in our thoughts.

  8. from Ann_Staub
    That is so sweet - what a wonderful idea to name a star after him.

  9. from Champion of My Heart
    We continue to send our love in your time of grief.

  10. from Two French Bulldogs
    You made Brooks last months so special. Run free sweetie
    Benny & Lily

  11. from Frankie and Ernie
    This is a gorgeous tribute to Brooks!!! It left us feeling WARM inside.

  12. I wrote you all personal responses before they got lost, but let me just say again Thank you, thank you, thank you for your hope and love.

  13. So many amazing hearts and souls in our dog blogging community. Beautiful, amazing tributes to Brooks and you. Big hugs to you!

  14. Love the Dog's Last Will and Testament. Awesome.

    They are all beautiful tributes to Brooks. We are thinking about you.

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  18. What a beautiful photo of Brooks Peggy. He really was such a handsome boy.

  19. So very beautiful. Those are some lovely photos and poems. I especially like "A Dog's Last Will and Testament".

  20. It is wonderful to know that people care and understand.

    All of the poems you shared were amazing I'm certain Brooks is smiling down at you.

  21. Brooks Star. That is beautiful. And the drawing of a dog that no longer needs a collar or leash is both sad and happy. Sigh. Well done, Jodi x


Kelly and Ike say thank you for your comments!