Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Elevated Feeders-good or bad?

My dogs always ate from bowls on the ground. I never gave a second thought to elevated feeders. Then we got Brooks and then Ike, golden retrievers. It seemed like such a long way down. Would they feel more comfortable with their bowls raised? Would it be better for their necks and spines? Would it help prevent bloat?

Ike checks out his elevated feeding station.

So Ike used an elevated feeder.

Then I read several sources that claimed elevated feeders could actually cause bloat. The very issue I was trying to avoid.

So now I got rid of the feeder, and he's back to eating from bowls on the floor. I don't know for sure if the theory is proven, but I'd rather be safe. I guess dogs were designed to eat on the ground, so I'm going with that.

What do you think--are elevated feeders good or bad?

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  1. So frustrating, right? We've debated this question and researched like crazy... we've gone back and forth between elevated feeders and bowls on the ground. I wish the answer were clear-cut. Their bowls are on the ground now, so I just focus on keeping them calm(ish) for an hour or so after they eat.

  2. Roxanne @ Champion of My HeartNovember 12, 2013 at 9:26 AM

    Yeah, and the other complicating factor is whether or not you put water on the food (as we've always done). There is one study that showed a 320% increase in bloat risk if you put water on dry dog food AND that the food contains CITRIC ACID.

  3. I read the same thing about elevated feeders that they are not good at all

  4. I use elevated feeders - I think the upside down-ness of eating from the floor would be worse. I feed twice a day (jack 3x) so their meals are small.

  5. My one is a small dog so no point in using elevated feeders. Although you have raised some interesting points (pun not intended!). :)

    Dina Mom

  6. I have no clue. I was told that they're great and that they're dangerous. Our dogs have elevated dishes for their water (to keep from knocking it over) and on the floor dishes for their food and they're just fine. So I don't want to change it up.

    Actually, I'd like a slightly raised dish for food, but it's not a priority today :)

  7. Wow, had no idea there was a down-side. We started using an elevated feeder when we had Abby - as a tall, skinny girl with only 1 front leg, it made it much easier for her to eat. But she was a picky, slow eater. Rita is not a gobbler either - so hopefully we don't have to worry about bloat. Or maybe we do... great. I needed more things to worry about! :)

  8. We've always used elevated feeders with our dogs and have never had a problem. I use stainless steel dishes in our elevated feeder and like that I can have a large supply of dishes to interchange while they are being washed in the dishwasher.

  9. Jan K, Wag N Woof PetsNovember 16, 2013 at 7:37 AM

    Oh no, I hadn't heard anything bad about elevated feeders. To me, it looks so much more comfortable for the big dogs to eat out of. Even our water dish is slightly elevated, since all the pets drink out of the same one. Well, we do other things to prevent bloat, Sheba has a slow feed bowl, and we are careful about exercise before or after meals. It's so difficult to figure out the right things to do for our pets sometimes, when there is so much conflicting information out there!

  10. I have used and is currently using Raised feeders for both of My Rottweilers since they were 6 months old. Now one is 4 years old and the other is 17 months old. And I have never had any issue with them being sick from them. It slows my dogs eating right down. Where before they would rush to eat their meal while the bowls were on the floor and they used to hack and sometime throw up when fed on the floor. Not any-more... Both of my dogs are A1 condition. So whether there is a negative side to raised feeders or not....I will never change it back to floor feeding ever again.


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