Thursday, December 5, 2013

FitDog Friday- Get Fit when it's Cold Outside

What can I do for exercise with my dogs when it's cold outside?
I'll be the first to admit, I'm not excited about going out for walks in the snow or rain or freezing cold. But, the dogs are always willing!

Here are some ideas for ways to have fun and get fit with your dogs this winter:

1. Play an indoor game. Throw a soft ball (Chuck-it makes an indoor soft ball you can chuck!) or hide a favorite toy and help your dog "seek". Even in smaller spaces, you can both get some exercise by playing.

2. Take your dog along on an outdoor sport that you enjoy. You can take your dog along cross country skiing. Jessica, Chester and Gretel of You Did What with Your Wiener go snowshoeing together. It looks like a lot of fun!

3. Consider a dog treadmill. Krista of Dog Tread explains how a dog treadmill is a great way for your dog to get exercise when the weather outside is frightful. Wouldn't it be fun to exercise on your own treadmill while your dog exercises on his own dog treadmill beside you? 

4. Join K9 Fit Club! Tricia Montgomery founded a gym where people and pets work out together. Today there are more than a dozen K9 Fit Clubs across the country. If there's not one near you, maybe you'd even want to consider opening one of your own!

5. Just Do It! Bundle up, and if your dog needs it put a sweater and booties on him and get out the door. Once you get moving, you'll probably be glad you did!

6. Shameless promotion! You can also check out a copy of The Dieting with My Dog Guide to Weight Loss and Maintenance where you'll find Jessica's tips on snowshoeing, Krista's advice on doggy treadmills, K9 Fit Club's step by step floor exercises you can do with your dog, and more! What better way to make a workout more fun! (p.s. It would make a great Christmas gift, and if you email me now, I'll get you a signed copy for 50% off!)

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  1. I actually hoped it would snow while we were in Chicago last week. Rocco hasn't seen a real snow yet and we only got a dusting. We found another indoor activity... mall walking at a dog-friendly mall. I wrote about it today!

  2. A dog friendly mall! wow, I wish we had one. I'm sorry Rocco didn't get enough snow yet. The dogs get so energized in the snow.

  3. Great ideas - luckily it doesn't get too snowy out here in SoCal, but lots of our drills can be done indoors anyways!

  4. Tenacious Little TerrierDecember 6, 2013 at 6:47 AM

    Onyxx doesn't want to walk at all when it rains. I have to drag him out. Mr. N will walk happily in rain as long as it doesn't pour. When it does, he gets soaked despite wearing a rain coat so I don't blame him!
    It's funny though. Onyxx has a thicker coat that repels water better and he hates rain more.

  5. We love the cold and snow so we are always out walking in it. The snow and/or ice also adds to the workout making walking a bit more challenging. Our only issue right now is Bailie as she isn't really equipped for winter yet, so she has to stay behind sometimes now but next winter she will be all set.

  6. I just love the idea of working out with your pet!

  7. Hi Y'all!
    Great post! We like walkin' and hikin' no matter the weather.
    I'd love to play catch indoors, but my Human is afraid all 100 lbs of me 'ill go slip sliding away on the wood floors and I'll pull one of those essential things that need surgery to repair. My Human says I'm still too "exuberant". Not sure what it means, but it must be a bad thing, I guess.
    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  8. Well Hawk, I think your human is pretty wise and only wants you safe. I bet you get your exuberance out when you go outside to play!

  9. Me too! I wish we had a K9 Fit Club nearby.

  10. I bet Bailie doesn't like staying behind, but before you know it she'll be ready to join you. I don't mind walking the dogs in the snow, but when it's icy out, it's not a pretty picture. I may end up on my butt.

  11. That is funny about Onyxx. I don't blame him, however. I suppose you could crouch over and hold an umbrella for him everywhere he goes. haha!

  12. SlimDoggy is all equipped for any weather! :)

  13. I like play an indoor game. It 50 degrees and I'm freezing

  14. Pamela | Something WaggingDecember 6, 2013 at 5:14 PM

    I recently saw that Sugar the Golden Retriever and Rocco Havanese went for a walk in an indoor mall. How cool is that?

    The "stop complaining and just get outside" works for me. As you know, Ithaca is surrounded by hills. By the time Honey and I have hiked a mile or so up hill, I'm no longer cold. :)

  15. I saw that too! I loved the picture of Sugar with her purple shoes sitting in the shoe store!! It is good that you "just do it" even in the winter because....Ithaca is gorges. (I couldn't help myself.)

  16. We play indoor games or brave the cold. I've thought of teaching Maya & Pierson to use the treadmill, but I need exercise too and I prefer to do stuff together. The treadmill is one dog or one person at a time and kinda boring.

  17. Great tips, didn't know about the k9 fit clubs, very clever. Have a great day.

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