Monday, February 10, 2014

Can a dog Tap and Swipe an ipad? See Bernese Mountain Dog's first Commercial

I met Bernese Mountain Dog Gabriel in the hospital two years ago. Our story appears in Angels on Earth magazine Jan/Feb 2014. He's stayed a good pal of mine, and has even visited my husband Mike twice during his current hospitalization. Gabriel keeps busy visiting hospitals, nursing homes, colleges...and now he's even star of his first commercial!

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  1. I play the Purina kitty game on moms Eye Pad

  2. That is too cute. :) Paw thumbs up!

  3. My cat bro Bert plays Friskies cat games on the ipad with his paw, and Mom found out by accident that our floppy ears going over the screen are just like a finger...not a good thing!


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