Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Someone feeling ill? Send a Get Well Dog

While my husband was recently in critical condition in the hospital, he received many wonderful get well cards, and because people know he's a dog-lover, many of them featured a dog. The wonderful variety of illustrations and wishes made me smile.

This pug enwrapped in the blood pressure cuff might be my favorite.


And there's nothing like the homophone, "Heal!"

A dog in a cone always sends the right message.

 A poetic "Sorry to hear your tail is drooping" the inside reads, "Take all the time you need recouping."

Some yellow labs never hurt.

I'm not sure why this dog's bone is making music, but I love his tapping tail.

And someone threw in a cat card, just for variety.

So if you know someone who isn't feeling well, be sure to send them a get well dog (or even a cat) and cheer them up....just like these cards cheered us!

p.s. After more than 30 days in the hospital (pulmonary embolism, internal bleeding, perforated bowel, surgery, fluid in the lungs, etc) my husband is finally home and doing well on the long road to recovery! :

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  1. Pamela | Something WaggingFebruary 26, 2014 at 10:10 AM

    And the best part about pet good well cards is that the dog on the card never barks to be let out. :)

    So glad Mike is home with his family. I hope he recovers quickly. And hopefully you have some help handling things around the house while he's recuperating?

  2. Those are very sweet cards! That dog in the cone one... I HAVE to find it! It's just too perfect.

  3. I love doggy get well cards
    Lily & Edward

  4. I am glad he is doing better. What an awful lot of things to deal with. The cards are darling, though.

  5. So sweet! I think my family and friends would do the same for me. On a different occasion when my dog Sephi passed away, I was surprised to receive not only quite a few cards, but three bouquets of flowers too. ❤ BTW, I think the Pug with the blood pressure cuff is the cutest as well.


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