Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kelly's whiskers

Kelly is showing us her mustache for Wordless (okay, Less Wordy) Wednesday. One of the things I love about Kelly's appearance is her funny whiskers.

They sprout from her muzzle and stick out in every which way.

The funny thing about these whiskers is that they change size. I figured her hair would grow the same all over...growing long unless it gets cut. But these whiskers are long sometimes, and then suddenly I notice that they're short.

Sometimes they are so short I can't even tell they are there at all.
Then they grow long again.
I have no idea why they grow like that.

No matter what I love these adorable whiskers!

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Monday, April 28, 2014

How smart is my dog?

How smart is my dog? Now there's a question. I've had dogs I swear understand my every word and thought, and others who couldn't find their way out of a room through an open door. They're all just as loveable, but the concept of what my dog is thinking, and how is it solving problems sure is intriguing!

Did you catch the NOVA series "How Smart Are Animals?" The two-part series explored dogs, dolphins, elephants, birds, and many other animals to try to answer the question. One of their observations was that animals who live in groups tend to be smarter than other animals. While ants and bees live in colonies, each animal exists solely for the purpose of supporting the group as a whole, and cannot exist alone. So that didn't really count. The groups with the most intelligent animals worked both with their own group, with other groups, and individually, with different purposes for each type of interaction.

Well, how does this relate to my dogs? Domestic dogs live in groups, or families, that include people. So, according to the show, even though chimps and bonobos might have bigger brains than dogs, and are genetically much closer to us, a dog's social intelligence may be more like our own. Dogs want to please people, and will learn and do things to make us happy, whereas a chimp isn't as motivated in that way.

Now take Kelly and Ike. I think they're both fairly intelligent dogs. Here are some proof of their intelligence:
They know many words and respond to requests.
They go find a specific toy if I ask for it ("Get your snowball toy Ike!")
They go to or jump up on objects I point to.
They remember things.
They understand schedules, to a degree.
They can solve problems--Kelly's a little better at this than Ike. But Ike doesn't care!

I've seen dogs a lot smarter than mine. And I've seen some a lot less bright. I've shared my home with some a lot less bright! (Brooks, the sweetest dog in the world, for one!) I think it's a combination of nature and nurture--what they're born with for brains, the experiences they get in the world. Training. Exposure to new sights and smells and objects. And their desire to learn.
Probably a lot like you and me.

What are some signs of your dog or cat's (or bird, bunny, turtle) intelligence?

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Friday, April 25, 2014

FitDog Friday- Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Does your dog have a favorite sport? Brooks couldn't necessarily PLAY baseball, but he loved to join us on Take Your Dog to the Game night at the Valley Cats, our local baseball team. Here's Brooks and his dad enjoying a game last year. We had a lot of fun, there were about a hundred dogs in attendance, and Brooks enjoyed the attention he received.

He even got to meet the Valley Cat mascot, and this dog mascot here (I forget what he was for.)

We enjoyed getting to spend the evening watching our favorite sport with our best friend. We didn't bring Kelly too, because she would have found all the other dogs overwhelming and upsetting. All the dogs in attendance were well behaved, and there was a large hillside where they could play and/or do what dogs need to do.

Does your town have Take Your Dog to the Game Day? Have you and your dog ever been to a professional baseball game's Dog Day?


**The Winner of the K9Cooler giveaway from last week's FitDog Friday is Abby Chestnut.
**And, winner of the FitDog Friday Anniversary giveaway is Angela Ash.
Thank you both for entering, and enjoy your prizes!!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Brush My Teeth? Introducing the new #MilkBone Brushing Chews

Do Kelly and Ike like having their teeth brushed?
In a word--no.

When we go to the vet, she usually mentions dental care--after all, she's not only the dogs' doctor, but also their dentist. In his home before we adopted him, Ike ate through a door in order to get to a dog in heat and broke off most of his teeth. And Kelly is 13 years old and and has some tartar buildup. But still, I'm not great at keeping their teeth brushed. When I come at them with a toothbrush, they run the other way. Try prying their mouths open and scrubbing those teeth. No woofin' way. So I was excited to be asked to check out the new #MilkBone® Brushing Chews.

 Milk-Bone® Brushing Chews TM are bone-shaped chews, covered with nubs and ridges that are designed to clean like bristles on a toothbrush. The bone has a unique 75 degree twist design that helps dogs maneuver the chew to clean down to the gum line, including hard-to-reach back teeth.

Kelly was my taste-tester for this product.

Kelly, which would you rather have, a toothbrush or Milk-Bone Brushing Chews?

Yes! The Brushing Chews!

  She excitedly accepted the treat and immediately went to work brushing---uh, chewing. I was surprised at how long the treat kept her busy, too. Much longer than most other chewy biscuits. Knowing that she enjoys the taste and chewing experience (much more than the struggle with the toothbrush), and that it is also helping to keep her teeth healthy, I can feel good about offering her this treat.

Milk-Bone® Brushing Chews (TM) are clinically proven to reduce: tartar build-up. They come in mini, small/medium, and large. Kelly sampled the small/medium size.

If you want to try them for yourself, they're easy to find--available wherever Milk-Bone® products are sold. And the suggested retail price is between $4 and $5 per box.

For more information:
Milk-Bone® Website
Instagram- milkbone#

Milk-Bone® wants to offer a Milk-Bone® Brushing Chew (TM) Dental Pack to 15 different winners! The Giveaway will be open through 11:59pm Eastern Time April 30th. All you need to do to enter is fill out the rafflecopter and make sure you do the mandatory entry of leaving a comment on my Blog Post. One winner per household. 

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Full Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Milk-Bone®. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Milk-Bone® but Peggy's Pet Place only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Milk-Bone® is not responsible for the content of this article.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

FitDog Friday- H2O and giveaway

Yesterday, I walked into the kitchen and I looked down at the empty water bowl. It seemed I had just filled it moments ago! Sometimes, Kelly and Ike go through stages where they drink enough water to drain a lake. I hear the steady slurp slurp slurp and before I know it, the bowl is dry. We are always sure to keep filling it back up again.

What would we do without clean, clear water?

Keeping your dog well hydrated is essential for:
temperature regulation
waste filtering
kidney and heart health
and more!

Now that the warmer weather is approaching, you're probably taking your dog on more outings and getting more exercise. It's easier to dehydrate when you've been exercising or when it's very hot.  

I've tried all sorts of different portable bowls for Kelly and Ike and recently discovered one I really like-- The K9 Cooler. My Kool Dog provided us with one to try out--and one to giveaway (enter the Rafflecopter at the end of the post!) We were thrilled with the results.

The K9 Cooler gets high grades on all counts!
1. It's well-made, durable and easy to fill.

2.  It has a convenient handle which makes it easy to tote along.

3. It keeps the water cold. All you do is put ice in the bottom compartment. And get this---when the ice melts, just flip it over and refill the bowl!

This is the compartment for ice.

4. The large opening is easy for dogs to drink from. Some dogs don't like the small openings found in other portable bowls.

 Note that the K9 Cooler is a good size. If you are hiking or for any reason needing to carry something small and lightweight, then you might want to use one of those nylon collapsible bowls. But still get the K9 Cooler, because there are so many other times you'll find it just the right bowl to take along on picnics, overnights, doggy park, and so many other outings. It holds a lot, so you won't need to worry about not having enough water for your dog.

Now is your chance to win a K9 Cooler for your dog! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Full Disclosure: I was provided with one K9 Cooler to review and one K9 Cooler to give away. This in no way influenced my review. Opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blog the Change for Animals- Responsible Pet Parenting

My son, who has own apartment, is ready to get his first dog of his own. I'm so excited to be a gramma! He's planning to get either a lab, golden retriever, or possibly a retired racing greyhound. He wants to adopt through a local rescue group, and if possible he'd like a puppy or young dog (We've had several of our senior rescue dogs cross over the bridge, so I can't say I blame him for wanting a younger one of his own.). We've been talking a lot about how a dog will change his life and the decisions he'll need to make. What is he going to feed the dog? How is he going to care for the dog while he's at work (9-5)? What about when he wants to go out after work, or has a softball game? How often will he walk the dog? etc. This has led to many interesting discussions about pet parenting. And when better to discuss this than on Blog the Change for Animals--a great day for promoting Responsible Pet Parenting to the next generation. So today, I thought I'd turn things around a bit--

My son with Kelly

I've given him advice, but since kids so often listen to others more than their (extraordinarily wise, brilliant and never wrong) parents, I'd like to ask, What advice would you give my son? What should he know about responsible pet parenting? What are your best tips for a young man about to set out to adopt his very first best friend?
I'll be sure to give him all your comments.
Thank You!

Friday, April 11, 2014

FitDog Friday- Go, Dog, GoPro

One of these adorable pups is Simba, when he was an 8 weeks old in the shelter. Simba had no home, no family.

Luckily for Simba, Doug came along. The two locked eyes and before you knew it, Simba found a new home and a new best friend. This is Simba now, 4 years later, with his adoptive dad, Doug.

Simba is your typical dog--he likes to nap, he likes to cuddle. But there's a time and a place for everything, and there's only so much napping a young dog like Simba can do. Doug's an active guy, and Simba's not one to be left behind. So off they go, Simba running along while Doug rides his bike. They bike, hike, and swim making Simba a happy, healthy and fit dog! Watch this heartwarming video taken with Doug's GoPro, and see just how happy a fit dog can be.

Thank you Doug for sharing this wonderful video of a truly fit dog!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why I want to Share my Home with Senior Dogs

USED: One 10 year old Basset Hound.
He doesn't move fast, he sheds, has gas, and eats like a horse.
And he's having "accidents".

Friends of ours fostered this dog. I think they were growing attached to him, despite the wet spots on the carpeting. Then along came an elderly couple, who fell and love and adopted the droopy-eared guy. They said it was their mission to give a good home to senior dogs.

 And I immediately thought, THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO DO! Adopt, or foster, senior dogs. After all, we have Kelly. She's 13 and living life to the fullest!

Kelly, now 13, is a happy senior dog.

 And Ike, at age 8 is considered a senior as well.

Check out Ike's white spectacles!

And we had Brooks, the best dog we've ever known. He was 11 years old when we adopted him. He seemed healthy, except for allergies. Then he was diagnosed with cancer, and died suddenly before we celebrated his One Year with our family.

Losing Brooks was one of the most difficult experiences I've faced. I stood by his gurney at the Emergency Vet, while he went into grand mal seizures, one after another. They said there was no option but to euthanize him, the cancer was most likely in his brain. I couldn't let them do it. Everyone left the room but me and Brooks, and I couldn't even pat the dog, who was no longer the Brooks I knew, because he was thrashing and foaming at the mouth. The vet popped her head in the door and asked if I was ready. "No," I said. So they gave me some more time with Brooks. The seizure passed and he was asleep, exhausted, barely alive.

 "Are you ready?"


 Finally, I couldn't let Brooks face another seizure, and we had to say goodbye. I'll never, ever forget Brooks' gentle soul, his stoic acceptance of what must have been great pain in the days, weeks, who knows how long before he was diagnosed. The way he melted at my touch. He was so submissive, he would never look into my eyes. But every night he sat with me in my big green chair, chin on my lap.

Brooks, age 11, happy in my lap!

This wasn't supposed to be a memorial to the greatest dog that ever lived. This was supposed to be a post about why I want to adopt or foster senior dogs. I want to, because senior dogs are gentle and noble, often tired, yet full of wisdom that comes from experience. I can't stand to see them lonely and homeless in their golden years. They deserve a soft, comfy bed, and the peace of having a consistent, stable, loving home until they go to the rainbow bridge. I love senior dogs.

But then, I reconsider, could I do it? Would I be able to do love another dog as magnificent as Brooks, only to lose him in too short a time? Would I be able to do it once more, or twice, or again and again? Would the comfort of knowing I'm helping these sweet dogs outweigh the grief of losing them?

Does it hurt to lose a dog after having him for only one year any more--or less--than to lose a dog after having him for 8 or 10 or 13 years? It's quick and easy to get attached to a dog. Losing is painful, no matter when it happens.

Going Strong: a very old dog I met at Bark for Life Walk-a-thon.

 So, if and when I adopt or foster senior dogs, I won't focus upon the losing. Instead, I'll keep my mind on the present. The happy times, where I witness this dog being loved and cared for, walking in the fresh air, sleeping on that comfy bed. Chasing a tennis ball, lounging on the couch, getting hair all over that couch, getting muddy paw prints on my kitchen floor. If I stay in the present, if I focus on what this dog needs right now, if I don't think about that part at the end when my tears flow and that comfy bed is empty...then, maybe then, I can foster senior dogs.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Kelly and Ike's Wild Cravings

What can the shape of your dog's treats tell you?
Well, in the case of EVO Wild Cravings, this is what they told me:

Circle is for Zero- as in, there are no grains.

Triangle reminds me of the Food Pyramid, which represents the high nutritional quality of Evo Wild Cravings-- high protein, low carbohydrates, no empty calories. The first two ingredients and Beef and Lamb meal.

Bone is for biscuits that are crunchy and fun to chew, like a bone.

Heart is because you love your dog so much, you want him to have the healthiest treats. offered Kelly, Ike and I the chance to review EVO Wild Cravings Red Meat Formula Grain Free Baked Dog Treats. Without a doubt, these are some of their favorite treats ever! The dogs are always enthusiastic about snacks, but I could barely get these out of the bag without them jumping and dancing and wagging their tails like crazy in anticipation. Do dogs like red meat? Yes, they do!

The size is just perfect for a little reward or treat without giving them too much-- approximately
14 kcal/treat.

I've recently switched to grain-free food, so I'd been on the search for grain-free treats as well...and we are very happy we found Wild Cravings. We highly recommend these treats.

Full Disclosure: provided me with one bag of EVO Wild Cravings to review. This in no way influenced my review. Opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

FitDog Friday- Awards, and Big Anniversary Giveaway!

Happy Anniversary to FitDog Friday!!

You've been sharing your fit dog stories and posts for one year now!! I've learned something from all of your posts. You've inspired me, and made me laugh, cry and promise to get more fit and active with my dogs. Thank you for being a part of the FitDog family.

Co-hosts Slimdoggy, To Dog with Love, and Peggy's Pet Place are proud to announce our FitDog Friday Participation Awards. These awards our reserved for our most faithful and dedicated participants in the FitDog Friday Blog Hop. Please send your congratulations to our winners, and don't forget to sign up for the FitDog Friday Anniversary Giveaway!

High Mile Award: Paws and PedalsFDF_HighMileAward

Consistency Award: Hawk AKA Brown Dog
Pack Variety Award: Cascadian NomadsFDF_PackVarietyAward
Neighbor Award: Talent HoundsFDF_NeighborAward
Cross-Train Award: Dog TreadFDF_CrossTrainAward
Sweetest Award: Sugar, the Golden RetrieverFDF_SweetestAward
All Weather Award: My GBGV LifeFDF_AllweatherAward
Athleticism Award: 
So Fly, My Life with Flyball DogsFDF_AthleticismAward
Pound for Pound Award: Tenacious Little TerrierFDF_pound4poundAward
In the Hunt Award: Sand Spring ChesapeakesFDF_IntheHuntAward

And now, to thank you for your participation, we're offering this fantastic prize package worth more than $200! 
  1. Beautiful bracelet courtesy of For Love of a Dog.
  2. One package SmartCookee Treats, your choice of three flavors.
  3. Paw Plunger: Gently, safely cleans paws.,
  4. PetSafe Train & Praise: Teach your pet remotely with treats.
  5. Jones Chews Candy Box Woofers:  100% grown, made in the USA, and no artificial ingredients.
  6. Chuckit! Tumble Bumper toy by Petmate
  7. Aspen Pet Cooling Mat by Petmate
  8. SlimDoggy Hat.
  9. SlimDoggy Bandana


Enter via the giveaway widget below for a chance to win. Simply enter your name and email to get started and then you can enter as few or as many ways as you like.


A special thanks to Petmate, PetSafe, SmartCookee, For Love of a Dog, Paw Plunger and Jones Chews for providing the prizes for our FitDog Friday Anniversary Giveaway.

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