Friday, April 11, 2014

FitDog Friday- Go, Dog, GoPro

One of these adorable pups is Simba, when he was an 8 weeks old in the shelter. Simba had no home, no family.

Luckily for Simba, Doug came along. The two locked eyes and before you knew it, Simba found a new home and a new best friend. This is Simba now, 4 years later, with his adoptive dad, Doug.

Simba is your typical dog--he likes to nap, he likes to cuddle. But there's a time and a place for everything, and there's only so much napping a young dog like Simba can do. Doug's an active guy, and Simba's not one to be left behind. So off they go, Simba running along while Doug rides his bike. They bike, hike, and swim making Simba a happy, healthy and fit dog! Watch this heartwarming video taken with Doug's GoPro, and see just how happy a fit dog can be.

Thank you Doug for sharing this wonderful video of a truly fit dog!

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  1. Awesome video and great way to stay fit.

  2. That dog is having FUN - love the video, thanks for sharing.

  3. It's really cool that they do much together. However I will admit I don't like how he let's the dog run off leash in the neighborhood. Besides that it's a neat video. :)

  4. Love this we shot our post today with a gopro too! How funny, love how videos turn out!

  5. Great video! That first photo makes me sad :( I hate it when shelters are such sad, dark places.


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