Friday, June 6, 2014

Balance Bone and Weight Vests- Fun Dog Exercise Equipment

I used to think that walking was the only form of exercise I could do with our dogs. So we walked, and walked. But the walks became a bit routine. Boring even. How much better would it be to mix it up and do some activities that are really fun? I was so excited to find that DogTread has a great solution! Not only do they have treadmills designed especially for dogs to supplement your dog's outside walking regimen, but they also have fantastic Canine Gym Gear! They sent us a K9FITbone and two K9FITvests to try out.

 The K9FITbone is great for working on balance, which helps tone your dog's core muscles. Kelly and Ike have never worked with any equipment before. The K9FITbone is a bone-shaped inflatable balance tool for dogs. When I first saw the K9FITbone I thought, no way would they get on that. It did take a little getting used to, but they gamely tried it out. I could see how they worked their bodies to balance. Kelly was more comfortable with the K9FITbone than Ike. But I think Ike will get used to it as we use it more. I had to inflate the K9FITbone a bit more after I took the photos. It takes just a bit of practice to know how much to inflate it. I'm very happy to have this to use in our fitness routine.

Again, I thought that my dogs would want no part of putting on a heavy bulky vest and moving around. I predicted that Kelly would just lie down and Ike would try to pull it off. Not so! First, the vest slides on easily, the super stretchy sides pull over their heads and legs. Then you just zip it up and connect the velcro. Super Easy! Both dogs also enjoyed wearing the vest and walking and running. I kept it short for the first time. These are fantastic for dogs who need more burn in their workout.

 Like what you see? Be sure to check back during K9Kamp, because we're including a K9FITbone and K9FITvest in our super prize package this month. You won't want to miss your chance to win! K9Kamp begins June 27. EVERYONE is invited to join in the fun. We all had a blast in January, and can't wait to get all you Kampers running and shaking and panting along with us!

Full Disclosure: I was provided with one K9FITbone and two K9FITvests, with accessories, for my honest review. Opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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  1. The dogs here are just forced to use plain old boring human balance pads for cross-training. Maybe we'll win a FitBone! I would make the same prediction about Wilhelm and Brychwyn in a FitVest... they wouldn't move/tried to wriggle out when I attempted back packs once!

  2. We have the fitbone and it is a great tool. We don't have a fitvest and are not sure if it would be good or not. We will definitely be on board for K9 Kamp!

  3. Frankie and ErnieJune 6, 2014 at 8:28 AM

    OH MY Kelly and Ike you will soon have your very much OWN GYM. THAT is so Cool Drool. We are glad that you like BOTH thingys.

  4. Looks like a great workout.

  5. Looks like Ike & Kelley are enjoying their K9 equipment!

  6. Some buddy is working really hard on the fit bone, BOL
    Lily & Edward

  7. I have never heard of this K9 fitness gear. I bet Ava and Veruca would love the fit bone.

  8. You are so right walks can become boring, because that's all we do! That's why we try to find other places to go. Both of those are great ideas for keeping your dog fit, I don't think I'd like the balance thing I kinda freak out when things move under me! Love Dolly

  9. I've seen the Fit Bone before! It looks very interesting. The vests look neat as well! Glad you're finding more ways to exercise. Walks can definitely become boring. It's great to mix it up! :)

  10. I always wondered about the vest for a small dog too. I'll have to look into that. I know Rocco would LOVE the FitBone as much as Kelly does!


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