Friday, June 13, 2014

Heat is a Killer: Water is a Lifesaver

If you've got an active Fit Dog, you know how important it is to provide plenty of fresh clean water. Especially in the summer heat.

Here are some sobering facts from Field and Stream:

*80% of a dog is water.  In a 50 lb dog, 40 lbs is water.

* If a dog loses only 10% of his water, he can be at risk of dying.

* An average 50 lb dog needs 5 cups of water a day. An active sporting dog needs as much as 12 cups/day.

* Make sure your dog's water is clean. You can cause dehydration by not keeping your dog's water bowl clean and algae-free.

What can you do? In order to prevent dehydration, keep your dog's water bowls clean and full. When you go out, always bring fresh water and a travel bowl.

Recently, PetSafe provided me with a Drinkwell fountain to test. The idea of the fountain is to keep the water fresh, flowing, filtered and circulated. This will create safe, clean (and presumably delicious) water for your pets.

I got to choose any fountain on their site. There are many fountains to choose from-- an attractive red ceramic fountain, an outdoor fountain, and a zen-like multi tiered fountain. Since we have two dogs, including one big dog, and also a puppy that we're babysitting, we needed a BIG fountain. We chose the Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Fountain. This fountain holds 1 gallon of water. I could have chosen the Big Dog fountain, which holds more than 2 gallons of water, but I liked the stainless steel material best.

Ease of Assembly- The fountain had quite a few parts, but it went together well. The instructions were clear.

Noise: I was pleasantly surprised that the motor was virtually noiseless. The only sound is the gentle trickle of water, which I enjoy.

Size: This fountain is a good size. It's big enough for my two dogs to drink from. I wanted to get a picture of them drinking from it, but they were wary of it at first. I hope with time they will feel more comfortable drinking from a fountain.

Would you like to win a Drinkwell Fountain of your own? We're giving one away at our upcoming K9Kamp, starting June 27! Be sure to check back to enter our great Rafflecopter, valued at more than $300!

Full Disclosure: PetSafe provided me with one Drinkwell fountain for my review, and one for giveaway during K9Kamp. This in no way influenced my review. Opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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  1. 5 cups of don't think any dogs I have had has ever drank that much water...maybe I just don't pay attention enough.

  2. Love that fountain… and our too! We had the Avalon. Rocco loves drinking from it and I love the sound! Happy FitDog Friday!

  3. We always make sure Luna has enough water during the summer. We put some in her food and give her flavored options to make sure she gets enough.

  4. Cool water fountain!

  5. Great review of the fountain. We had one years ago that we stopped using because the motor was very loud. I am glad to hear that the kind you test is really quite. Maybe we will get one again.

  6. Be sure to enter the K9Kamp Rafflecopter at the end of this month, and maybe you'll win one! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Thank you. It's pretty fancy to have your own fountain!

  8. Flavored options is a great idea. I hear that dogs enjoy beef flavoring in their water. Doesn't sound yummy to me, but I bet Kelly and Ike would enjoy!

  9. Thanks for introducing me to the idea of the fountain. It's a nice product and I love having fresh clean water for Kelly and Ike.

  10. It would be interesting to see. I just measured my large water bowl, and it holds 3 1/2 cups. One dog would have to drain that plus drink more than half that again per day to get the recommended amount. I have 2 dogs and 3 water bowls around the house, so it would take a bit more effort for me to determine how much they are drinking. But it does seem like I am adding water constantly throughout the day. There are times a dog will stand there and drink until the bowl is dry.


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